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Working With an Information Security Analyst Pays Off

Understanding Common Vulnerabilities is Just the First Step

For many companies, it is not until a security breach has already occurred that web and network security are made a priority. The only way to effectively secure your business is to be proactive and defensive with your IT security. Part of that involves working with an Information Security Analyst from Alliance Technology Partners to understand common vulnerabilities that put your business at needless risk.

Common Vulnerabilities You Need to Combat Include:

Working With an Information Security Analyst Pays Off

Accounts having weak passwords and no multi-factor authentication

Working With an Information Security Analyst Pays Off

Web server and application misconfiguration

Working With an Information Security Analyst Pays Off

Sensitive data exposure

Working With an Information Security Analyst Pays Off

Injection flaws that result from a failure to filter untrusted input

Avoid Security Vulnerabilities With Alliance Technology Partners

With so many security threats and attacks businesses face each day, it’s important to develop a sound network and web security strategy. Alliance Technology Partners has an entire team of certified engineers and information security analysts available to protect your business. What this means for your company is shoring up common weaknesses, and also the uncommon ones, that would otherwise leave you exposed.

The Benefits of a Network Security Solutions Strategy From Alliance Are Clear: 

  • Enhanced security protecting your business 24/7/365
  • Practically eliminating downtime as a result of security breaches
  • Improved business processes and efficiency
  • Reducing the costs of IT security and business operations

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Your business is exposed to varying degrees of risk every single day. Alliance Technology Partners acts as your dedicated Information Security Analyst to keep you safe and secure. Discover the benefits by reading our white paper.
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