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Why Are You Still Using A Conventional Phone System?

You shouldn’t have to worry, or even think about your business phones. They’re a technology that should just work, as simple as that—have you considered using cloud-based phones?

Why Are You Still Using A Conventional Phone System?

You shouldn’t have to worry, or even think about your business phones. They’re a technology that should just work, as simple as that‑have you considered using cloud‑based phones?

A key priority in any effective business is keeping in touch with clients and other contacts. No matter what type of business you operate, communicating is a priority.

Using a traditional phone system is not just inefficient and illogical; it is a sign that your business is‑or will soon be‑obsolete. It is time for you to update.

Start by modernizing your business’ telephony systems with cloud communications technology.

Conventional Phone System In St. Louis and Grand Rapids
Introducing UCaaS In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Introducing UCaaS

Combine phone, video calling, and other key capabilities in the cloud and you get a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.

UCaaS uses the cloud to deliver communications services and offer additional integrations and features such as mobile apps, online conferencing, and contact center applications. Since these services are provided via cloud-based infrastructure, prices are affordable for any size of business.

The UCaaS market continues to grow as companies adjust to remote working conditions during the current pandemic‑as an industry, it’s expected to be worth $28.69 billion by the end of this year alone.

While there are many cloud‑based phone options on the market today, we offer GoToConnect solutions for our clients…

Why Should You Use GoToConnect?

Lower Startup Costs In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Lower Startup Costs

Unlike a traditional phone system, you don’t have to invest in a massive phone box, server and headsets, and phone models that were often locked into a particular provider.

All you have to have for Internet phone service is Internet service and a VoIP‑enabled phone or headset for each station.

No Surprise Charges In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

No Surprise Charges

You won’t just save money on the initial costs when you switch to a cloud‑based phone system.

Easy Collaboration In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Easy Collaboration

Another significant advantage to cloud‑based phone service is the ability to connect and share data with other project members, no matter where they are located.

Reduced Downtime In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Reduced Downtime

GoToConnect is not tied to a physical location and experiences much less downtime than traditional phone service. This allows you to continue to talk to customers, even during a power outage or storm.

Automatic Upgrades In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Automatic Upgrades

With a system like this, you’ll always have access to the latest technology. Your system will be automatically updated as new technology becomes available.

Scale Up Or Down In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Scale Up Or Down

GoToConnect also accommodates your company’s growth and can be as flexible as you are.

Streamline Your Communications In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Streamline Your Communications

GoToMeeting can provide most, if not all of your telecommunications needs, from conference calls to video conferencing to having your voicemail messages sent to your email box.

Easily Accessible Phone Records In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Easily Accessible Phone Records

With GoToConnect, your phone records are always accessible online. You don’t have to worry about finding a paper record. This is especially important for businesses like law and accounting firms that bill back clients for time spent on the phone on their behalf.

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GoToConnect Delivers A Feature‑Rich Experience

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call On Hold
  • Call Routing
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Hosted VoIP Phone Service
  • Phone Number Extensions
  • Virtual Voicemail
  • Toll-Free & Vanity Phone Numbers
  • Custom Messages & Greetings
  • Number Porting & Transfers
  • Virtual Fax
  • Auto Attendants
  • Call Filtering
  • Conference Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Conference Room Systems
  • Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Conference Bridge Technology
  • Scalable Call Center Software
  • Call Monitoring
  • Business Call Management
  • Call Center Analytics
Alliance Technology Partners

Need Expert Assistance With Cloud‑Based Communications?

Moving to GoToConnect does not have to be a cumbersome and time-consuming challenge‑especially with help from Alliance Technology Partners.

With a UCaaS solution (like the GoToConnect option preferred by Alliance Technology Partners), you can get rid of the hassles of maintenance agreements, capital expenditure, truck rolls, and lengthy wait periods that outdated communication solutions come with.

Get in touch with our team to discover more.