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Cyber Awareness Bootcamp

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In the past, cybersecurity was composed of anti-virus software and firewalls. Today, cyber criminals are using techniques that can bypass these traditional safeguards and impose serious harm to an organization. 90% of all Security Breaches are caused by Human Error.

ARMADA: Cyber Awareness Bootcamp is the right solution for any organization looking to improve the biggest vulnerability on their network. People need to understand how hackers are targeting them and to constantly be vigilant. Our Bootcamp is a fully managed service that includes:

  • Ongoing Cyber Awareness Training
  • Phishing Simulation (send fake phishing emails to usersto see if they click and enter credentials)
  • Real time 24/7 alert of compromised user credentialson the dark web
  • Monthly call to review results of trainings and phishing simulation
  • Fulfills Cyber Insurance Requirement

Armada Cyber Awareness Bootcamp will dramatically increase your organization's security posture and provide increased protection for all of its stakeholders.