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Comprehensive Security IT Services

Don’t try to handle your IT services with multiple vendors, piecing together the many different solutions you need. Get all the support and every solution you need from one place – Alliance Technology Partners.

Businesses today are highly dependent on their IT systems for much of their core processes.

From productivity and communications to security and continuity, IT is often at the heart of business productivity. As such, businesses of all sizes need the best in IT services to thrive.

Comprehensive Security IT Services In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Alliance Technology Partners offers technology services and solutions that will improve your operations and capitalize on your IT investments. Our comprehensive IT offerings include:

Cyber Secure IT Management and Help Desk In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Cyber Secure IT Management and Help Desk

ARMADA is our complete, fully managed cybersecurity solution comprised of IT management components and cyber-security protection. It’s a holistic approach to protecting your data, proactive IT maintenance, and stellar support.

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Business Continuity In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Business Continuity

Alliance Technology Partners can provide you with business continuity planning that will ensure the integrity of your data no matter the emergency your business encounters. By regularly backing up your data and implementing optimal disaster recovery practices, Alliance Technology Partners will help you avoid downtime and data loss.

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Cybersecurity In St. Louis and Grand Rapids


Alliance Technology Partners understands that there’s a lot to account for in cybersecurity as a small to medium-sized business, and so you need to know for sure that your systems, network, and devices are protected by strong and reliable safeguards. Alliance Technology Partners offers comprehensive security solutions to ensure that your business benefits from industry-leading technology, strategic security processes, proactive solutions, and reliable guidance from a team of experts.

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Strategic IT Consulting In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Strategic IT Consulting

Alliance Technology Partners takes the guesswork out of IT by creating a strategic technology plan that focuses on your objectives and maps out a path for your success.

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Cloud Solutions In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Cloud Solutions

It’s OK to be unsure about technology like the cloud. A healthy dose of caution is always recommended when considering a new technology for your business, but why bother taking any risks? Alliance Technology Partners is an industry leader in providing cloud solutions, and we want to help you find just the right application of this new technology to help your business do more.

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Hosted Exchange In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Hosted Exchange

If your communications system goes down or experiences any delay, your entire business operations slow to a crawl. With AllianceMail, you never have to worry about lost productivity, revenue, or any of that other debilitating mess involved with faulty email systems.

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Microsoft Office 365 In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Microsoft Office 365

Alliance Technology Partners has the Microsoft expertise to make sure that your user experience is simple, reliable, and effective. With our help, you can maximize the return on your Microsoft technology investments.

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Microsoft’s default data backup capabilities are not enough to keep your data available whenever you need it. That’s why we offer data backup capabilities that will augment theirs:

  • Timely and regular backups
    Files (including those from OneDrive, email, SharePoint, contacts, and calendars) are backed up multiple times per day.
  • Robust compliance support
    This solution is compliant with SOC 2 Type II Audited, HIPAA, and Safe Harbour.

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Data Backup In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Data Backup

Alliance Technology Partners will equip you with a robust data backup solution to keep your data always available. On- and offsite backup, tested regularly for recovery, all fully compliant with HIPAA (where applicable).

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Dark Web Monitoring In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

Dark Web Monitoring

Our systems will continually monitor the dark web for compromised company credentials. This is critical to immediately respond to a potential breach.

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VoIP Services and Unified Communication In St. Louis and Grand Rapids

VoIP Services and Unified Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones slash prices and enhanced connectivity compared to traditional phone systems, providing a range of features that make communication easier and more effective. Enjoy better collaboration and enterprise class phone features at an amazingly low price.

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