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Cybersecurity Solutions for the Public Sector

Alliance Technology Partners was built on the belief that great partnerships make great businesses. Our relationships with highly-respected public sector organizations in the cybersecurity sphere are a testament to our reliability, dependability and serious commitment to security.

By choosing to partner with best-in-class security solutions, Alliance offers you the right products, processes and procedures to ensure your organization is highly secure and highly functional in every aspect. Our advisors are humbled to serve you as an extension of your leadership and strategic direction. The public sector in the U.S. is expected to invest nearly $19 billion in cybersecurity services in 2021. Be sure to spend your budget dollars wisely.

Web Application Security

Securing web applications across your organization is our specialty. You can count on us to provide flexible solutions to keep your applications safe, stop attacks in their tracks and prevent future breaches. We help organizations choose the right product, licensing model, and procurement path that fits their organization’s needs.

Relationships with Key Military and Space Agencies

We are proud to work with NASA, the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines to help ensure their web applications are impenetrable. These agencies trust us with their most sensitive, mission critical data, and we deliver 100 percent of the time. These teams are some of the most highly respected in the country and we are humbled to serve as their trusted advisor.

Acunetix Distributor for Government Entities

We’re proud to be the US Public Sector Distributor for Acunetix, an automated web application security testing solution. Acunetix audits web applications by scanning for exposures like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other exploitable vulnerabilities. We have partnered with Acunetix since 2007 and will continue to offer it as a comprehensive web application security scanner.

Netsparker Distributor for Government Entities

Alliance Technology Partners is also a reseller for Netsparker, a platform that benefits a multitude of web security requirements.  Netsparker is a fully integrated, scalable, multi-user web application with built-in workflow and reporting tools. It’s known for its clear, concise and detailed reporting that supports your foundation of operational consistency.

Alliance Technology Partners has spent the last 20 years advancing the mission to provide cyber secure IT management solutions to federal, state and local governments and small to mid-sized businesses. We are the only government distributor for Acunetix, one of many innovative security solutions in our suite of products.

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