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44% of Companies Have Moved to a “Digital-First” Approach for Customer Experience. Have You Started Strategically Weaving Technology Into Your Business Processes Yet?

IDC found that 44% of companies have moved to a “digital-first” approach for customer experience. Although many organizations tend to be slow at adopting new practices, technology is evolving at a rapid rate and it’s no longer possible to avoid digitization, especially as consumer demands change. Nowadays, people want faster, more efficient service from every organization they approach, regardless of industry or size. In fact, 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that recommends products based on their preferences, knows their name, and understands their purchase history. It’s no secret: consumers want a “digital-first” approach that gives them an immersive experience.

How Does a “Digital-First” Approach Improve Customer Experience?

When we speak about a “digital-first” approach, we’re talking about leveraging the power of technology to achieve an improved customer experience. Essentially, it’s all about mixing the right digital technologies – from hardware to software to cloud-based applications – to improve the way your processes, products, and people work. If you’re not delivering a personalized level of service, you’re bound to fall behind the competition. It’s more important than ever to strategically weave technology into your business – and unfortunately, legacy tools and outdated systems won’t do.

Alliance Technology Partners provides IT services that help organizations of all types and sizes adopt a “digital-first” approach to improve customer experience. We specialize in serving the following industries:

  • Non-profit organizations that need to make the most of their donor data, volunteer time, and overall, streamline operations to do more with less on a small budget.

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  • Insurance agencies that must move beyond manual, paper-based processes to keep clients satisfied with quick, efficient service.

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  • Professional services firms that need to keep up with increasing client or patient demands while ensuring anytime, anywhere access to information.

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  • Financial services firms that must keep confidential information safe against threats while operating as efficiently as possible.

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  • Mortgage companies that need to embrace digitization for the purpose of automating time-consuming tasks, in order to better serve clients.

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  • Small to midsize businesses that must improve customer experience with faster processes, less downtime, and a more affordable approach to technology.

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