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70% of SMBs Have Plans to Increase Their Usage of Digital Tools, but 75% Say They’re Facing at Least One Barrier That Keeps Them From Meeting That Goal. Sound familiar?

Recent studies show that 70% of SMBs have plans to increase their usage of digital tools, but 75% say they’re facing at least one barrier that keeps them from meeting that goal. The most common barriers?

  • Lack of qualified staff who would implement the tools
  • Cost and financing
  • Worries about security

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We know small to midsize businesses struggle when it comes to rolling out new technologies. It’s a time-consuming process, and if it’s not done properly, it can be quite expensive. But nobody wants to fall behind the competition when it comes to technology. Alliance Technology Partners focuses on tailoring our support to each and every small to midsize business we serve. Our services incorporate:

  • A flat-rate monthly fee that’s predictable with no hidden costs.
  • Responsive support, whether onsite or remote, to resolve issues quickly.
  • Access to a team of professional technicians who can offer guidance.
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to keep hackers out of the network.
  • Data backup and business continuity planning to keep you operational.

You get the peace of mind you deserve knowing you’re embracing technology to the fullest – at a price SMBs can afford. We take a proactive approach to keeping you current on the latest in digital tools while ensuring you’re always protected against downtime, data loss, and security threats.

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