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Why Sports Organizations Need Managed Security Solutions

As we saw last year with Sony Pictures’ computer systems getting hacked into, no business is immune to cyber crimes. This even goes for sports franchises, which many people forget are businesses. Corporate espionage is alive and well with professional baseball teams, which we saw when the Houston Astros’ internal computer network, which houses details of trade talks and proprietary statistics, was infiltrated. While accusations are flying and the St. Louis Cardinals are getting the finger pointed at them, the breach did not have to happen. This story is a prime example of why sports organizations need managed security solutions.

Overview of Managed Security Solutions  

For a sports team, it is no longer practical to have information locked up in file cabinets and stored in binders. Managers need to stay current, especially if they are going to take advantage of all the new available software to analyze and improve players’ games. However, by staying connected, it does open the risk of security becoming compromised. Spying is not the only problem, like we saw with the Astros. Malware, adware, viruses, bots, Trojans and root kits can destroy the whole team’s online infrastructure just like in any other business.

Managed security solutions are committed to delivering the highest quality services to keep a business’s digital information safe. Managed security solutions will work with an organization, including a sports franchise, to create the correct policies and procedures to secure IT and physical security.

How Managed Security Solutions Protects Your Data

A managed security solution like Alliance Technology Partners performs 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring of your systems, and are immediately alerted when an online intruder is detected. This way it is handled before a hacker has a chance to get any sensitive information. Our managed security solution runs vulnerability assessments regularly to find any weaknesses and track improvements. The managed security provider is trained to handle a number of incidents that pop up including: malicious code, denial of service, inappropriate use and unauthorized access.

Alliance Technology Partners is also proficient in Counter Business Intelligence, which is ideal for any business, including a sports organization like the Houston Astros. Our managed security solution can protect your company’s intellectual property and sensitive business negotiations from espionage operations and competitive intelligence. We will even assess and improve the physical security measures of your business facility.

Learning From the Astros’ Breach

What the breach of the Houston Astros’ cyber security shows us is that the business side of sports clubs and all other companies need to start taking online security threats more seriously. This is no longer an issue involving tech-nerds, and it has to be treated as a problem for any type of business, no matter how large or small. Managed security solutions are the first line of defense against the opposing team.

Contact us with any questions you have regarding our managed security solutions. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with any concerns you may have.

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