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When Law Firms Should Switch to Managed Services

Technology is ever-changing, and law firms need it to run a business.  But, a lot of things can go wrong, such as security breaches and forgotten passwords.  Some law firms have a small IT staff, but there may be signs that it’s time to hire outside managed services.  At what point is it time to partner up with a managed service provider?  Here’s a list of some red flags that its time.

Law Firms Managed Services

Inefficient Integration of Line of Business Applications (LOB)

With LOB applications constantly growing, so do the challenges to these tools.  Cost recovery systems, document management systems and more are vital to law firms. These applications need to work synergistically with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, and other standard tools.  When LOB applications seem like they are resulting in less efficiency than expected, it’s time that a managed service provider is in order.

Substantial Downtime

A red flag is waving if there’s a critical software application or server failure that’s not responding.  Users can’t access the needed data.  The industry of law is time-sensitive, and law firms can’t afford to have significant downtime.  Time equals money in the law industry.

Underperforming Applications

If attorneys are sitting there tapping on their desk with a sluggish application, work is put on hold.  Law firms need technology that works fast every day of the week.  When things aren’t working fast enough, it’s time to consider hiring a managed service provider.  If it’s broke, it needs to be fixed.

Lagging Behind the IT Security Curve

Protecting the sensitive information of clients and cases is paramount to law firms.  IT security cannot lag.  Today, law firms often find themselves trailing behind the IT security curve.  And with new threats every day, law firms can best implement the best security practices.  Plus, compliance issues can cause a lot of headaches for law firms.

Access to Needed IT Support

Some law firms have in-house IT managers and staff.  Yet, these employees are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the changing IT landscape.  Too much time is spent on tactical things instead of what really needs to be done.  In-house IT teams cannot provide the 24/7/365 IT support to provide support for the challenges law firms face with technology.  With a managed service provider, law firms get IT support for the entire IT infrastructure at all times and when it’s needed most.

IT Costs Too High

Both small and large law firms need to keep a very close eye on operating expenses.  The cost to employ IT support can easily exceed $100,000 per year.  Not only can that team be available 24/7, it’s likely they won’t have the depth and knowledge required to support different technologies.  In the long run, it’s more cost-effective to hire a managed service provider because the cost to implement and maintain an in-house solution is cost-prohibitive for most law firms.  Law firms are beginning to realize that a managed service provider has invested the time and money to provide expert IT support, and they can leverage their expertise at a fraction of the cost with an in-house IT team. Let these professionals save your law firm money.  Like any other industry, the bottom line for law firms is turning a profit.

Not Getting What Your Firm Needs

Most law firms cannot get everything they need from in-house IT staff.  Case calendars, document management, billing contacts, email encryption and case management software have created more of a need for reliability, infrastructure security, and performance.  And with mobile devices, document collaboration and video conferencing, law firms just need more from their own IT internal staff.  If you’re an attorney and not getting everything you need from your own in-house IT team, it’s time to turn to a managed service provider.  Their expertise and knowledge of the law industry can serve your firm well.

Seeking a Holistic Approach

If your law firm is seeking a holistic approach to the deployment and operation of an IT legal environment, this is a wake-up call that a managed service provider is in order.  A managed service provider can handle everything.  These IT professionals offer:

Inefficient integration of LOB apps, substantial downtime, underperforming systems, IT security curve, IT support, IT costs and getting your IT needs to be met are all indicators that it may be time to consult with a professional and experienced IT managed provider.  With a managed service provider, law firms can operate more efficiently, avoid security breaches and better serve their clients.  The Alliance Technology Partners in Chesterfield understands the technology challenges law firms face on a daily basis. Call Alliance Technology Partners at (314) 391-9888 or email at to learn how they can help your law firm stay focused on the legal work that matters most.

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