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Web Application Security Training

Keep Your Web Application Information From Hackers By Learning How To View Your App With Hacker Eyes!

Web Application Security Training

Secure Your Web Application Now!

As web applications evolve, so do the hackers that threaten to exploit them. When your web applications hold top-secret files and financial information, there’s too much at stake to not know their weak spots and how to make them stronger. To defend your vulnerabilities from a hacker, you need to know exactly what hackers look for in order to launch your attack. Alliance Technology Partners gives you comprehensive Acunetix training on your web applications security so you can see your web app through the eyes of a hacker.

Learn How To Do A Complete Web Applications Audit

Web Application Security Training

Compliance Security

In order to protect your web applications, we set up compliances to your industry’s security settings. We’ll show you what the list of compliance requirements to qualify for – such as HIPAA or CWE/SANS – means on our end of things.

Web Application Security Training

Vulnerability Analysis

We’ll show you how to scan your websites, web applications, and servers to find out what needs to be fixed before hackers attempt to infiltrate.

Web Application Security Training

Penetration Testing

We’ll show you how to dig deeper into our web applications security analysis with penetration testing. You’ll be able to pick out structure vulnerabilities by looking at attack patterns.

We Bring You Up to Speed

To beat a hacker, you must think like a hacker. Protecting sensitive information inside your web applications starts with knowing what they would look for. In just 3 hours, we’ll bring you up-to-speed on how to prepare for the sneakiest of hackers. The longer you wait to learn, the more time you give hackers to deconstruct everything you have built. Get the knowledge you need to protect yourself.

The Alliance trainers did an outstanding job of presenting the Acunetix software. They were very knowledgeable and thoroughly walked us through all aspects of the product showing us how to detect many kinds of web vulnerabilities. They took time to answer all of questions we had and all of our participants left feeling that we had learned a lot. It was totally worthwhile for our staff.”

David Bates – GST BOCES

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