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Ways You Shouldn’t Handle Your Network Security

There really aren’t a lot of alternatives to getting quality network security measures put in place for your business. There are, however, MANY alternatives when you consider inferior network security. Here are a few things we highly recommend against using when searching for someone to handle your network security.

Big Jim Taggart

Big Jim Taggart network securityEverybody knows that one guy, “Shoot – I know my way around ANYTHING e-lec-tronic. I have taken apart hundreds of electric devices. Not all of ‘em work anymore, but I know more about ‘em now! Lemme at it!” Despite his apparent overwhelming lack of the Internet or even basic computer knowledge, you may be tempted to let Big Jim give it a try. While he may be good for a laugh on your end, Big Jim will definitely be a giant laugh for any hacker as they waltz right by his mullet.

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ninjas network securityWhile ninjas are awesome, and their flying Chinese stars and sharp katana blades may intimidate even the most worthy adversary – they offer little defense against a cyber attack.  Even if they may scream with all their might at the electronic pulses that enter your office and try to slip past your servers, it won’t scare them away. While no one wants to meet a ninja in a fight, they, unfortunately, offer little resistance to computer criminals.

Hiring a Hacker through the Underground

hacker network securitySome people believe it’s best to “fight fire with fire.” Well, what happens when you throw more fire onto an existing fire?  You. Get. More. Fire. So then, if you were to say, “Hey, Mr. Hacker! I understand you’ve stolen from the biggest and strongest corporations out there. Here’s all my network information. You just take care of everything, okay??” Yeah. They’ll take care of everything . . . Leaving you with bupkis.

Here’s how you SHOULD Handle Network Security

After you’ve ruled-out the criminal hacker, the army of ninjas, and the curious enigma that calls himself “Big Jim,” call in the experts. You’ll have a personalized network security system in place that will dumbfound even the most talented hacker. Afterwards, you can relax and take Big Jim up on his offer to hang out in his unmowed backyard and drink beer.

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