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Virtualization: The Key to Future IT

Virtualization is everywhere now and for good reason. Every day, more businesses are moving to virtualization and are saving money and time, as well as ensuring a more stable business in the process. But how?

Faster Server Provisioning

Through virtualization, it’s trivial to create new instances on the fly. You’ll no longer have to spend hours reinstalling the OS and the collection of necessary updates and applications. A simple copy paste of the virtual machine and you’re done.

Lower Electricity Requirements

Virtualization allows you to place multiple instances on the same server, allowing you to have greater utilization of each of your servers. With fewer servers to manage, you’ll have reduced power costs and save money.

Reduced Physical Footprint

Now that you’re reducing your hardware requirements, you’ve effectively reduced your necessary physical requirements at your data center or in your office. Once again, you’re saving more money and allowing you more room to breathe, quite literally.

Isolated Legacy Applications

Remember that first application your company wrote or bought that requires Windows 95? You can’t give up that application just yet, but why have an entire server allocated to just that application? With virtualization, your Windows 95 instance is just a small part of your server utilization. This will also allow you a greater chance of phasing it out once and for all.

One Step Closer to the Cloud

Virtualization is one of the first steps to the cloud. It’s a big deal and can end up saving you even more money in the future so take pride in the fact that you are preparing your company for growth.

Virtualization is changing the world for the better, one business at a time. If you need help changing your business, give Alliance a call. We are here for you!

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