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How Virtualization Can Help You Save Money and Increase Efficiency


One of the best things about the virtualization of businesses is the fact that businesses of all sizes and operations have access to the systems and support that large scale companies benefit from. Server virtualization is a technology that helps your business save money and increase IT efficiency.

What is Virtualization?

Any business that relies on computers and the internet to accomplish daily tasks needs a virtualization system. Virtualization is the process of making certain that one server or computer has access to all. There are three types of virtualization strategies that can improve your business’s operations and simply its infrastructure:

  • Server Virtualization

Allows one or more servers to support the same piece of hardware. One single server is divided into various virtual servers.

  • Storage virtualization

This is the ability to collect all sources of data from multiple devices and store them in a single, virtual environment for easy access, scalability, portability, retrieval and recovery.

  • Virtual Desktop and Thin Computing

This is the process of using multiple strategies to optimize usability, manageability, reduce ownership costs, and improve flexibility.

How Your Business Benefits

What does an effective IT virtualization strategy mean for your business?

  • Reduce operating and energy costs

Using less servers means your company’s data center and hardware are not generating heat and sucking power. When you virtualize your business, your power bills will not be as painful.

  • Supports mobility

Users will have the ability to access the server with various mobile devices. Working from the office is no longer necessary; productivity can increase on the go. Your company will not have to spend a lot of money on hardware and device overhauls.

  • Reduces security costs

Security and malware plans are expensive. When there is a security breach, eradication and recovery is even more costly. Virtualization is an inexpensive, yet comprehensive, way to identify, eliminate and prevent cyber-attacks and security risks.

  • Improves disaster recovery plan

Money is lost every time a company is not working. A virtualization strategy is an important part of any disaster recovery plan. If the business experiences an unforeseen event that threatens to cease operations, virtualization ensures the business will not lose critical data and the business can continue operations immediately.

  • Not held down by vendors

Vendors goes in and out of business and so does the software they offer. With a virtualization strategy, you are not cuffed to one vendor, device, server, or operating platform. Virtualization works in a way that that the virtual machines can run with any hardware.

  • Migration to cloud is easier

When you virtualize the business, you are one-step closer to fully embracing the power of the cloud. The virtualization of infrastructure makes the transition to a cloud strategy seamless.

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