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Virtualization and Consolidation

Your Virtual Infrastructure: Simplified!

How would you like to gain dramatic savings, increased efficiency, improved service delivery, and a foundation for cloud computing? We’re here to help! We give you the tools you need to reach your goals by:

  • Understanding the business case for virtualization with respect to your current environment and business needs
  • Developing a virtual architecture and roadmap including application, computing, storage, and network requirements
  • Designing the most effective infrastructure solution to meet both your current and future needs
  • Aligning best practices to improve operations
  • Adopting data protection, management, and security strategies
  • Preparing and executing a successful implementation or migration

Alliance Consulting accelerates your return on virtualization investments. We address both your business objectives and technology needs with consulting engagements aligned to a common methodology derived from years of experience.

It’s . It’s effective. It’s everything you need.

While many organizations are realizing the benefits of virtualization, they often lack a strategy that consistently addresses the needs of IT operations and critical applications.  When operational teams and processes are optimized for virtualization, its promise of flexibility be realized.  When data security, data protection, and compliance concerns are addressed, the application stakeholders be comfortable with virtualization.  Alliance can provide whatever level of guidance to work with your team to ensure a successful transition
Virtualization and Consolidation

Scope and Approach:

  • Transformation – Delivers virtual data center migration planning, virtualization assessment, and physical to virtual migration
  • Sustainability – Provides a detailed service catalog, business case, service deployment, and information strategy for sustaining the transformation to the virtual environment
  • Management – Refines data center processes, technology, and the people who support IT while leveraging automation to lock in process improvements
  • Resiliency – Protects the virtual environment with guidance and best practices for business continuity and backup, combined with security best practices