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Your Success Story: Plan Ahead With The Top Tech Partner

Making the right decisions and finding the best choices for technology can be a daunting task. Make it easier by connecting with a trusted partner to fulfill your strategy with advice on the best tech deals and resources!

Making the right decisions and finding the best choices for technology can be a daunting task. Make it easier by connecting with a trusted partner to fulfill your strategy with advice on the best tech deals and resources!

“The time has come. It’s time to invest in the future. The technology of yesterday has brought me this far, but it’s clear my technology isn’t keeping up with my needs.”

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s investing in an upgrade for our devices or network, or it’s because our business is growing and our technology needs to expand with our team, the investment is in our future!

Planning for growth is good – it’s a sign that we’re looking to our future and anticipating market demand balanced with our capabilities. Growth is a sign we’re doing something right – delivering a quality product or service and fulfilling needs. Every strategy includes plans for gaining new customers or repeat business, whether organically or through referrals from positive experiences of existing customers sharing success stories. Success stories breed success stories!

Your Plan For Your Success Story

If your existing infrastructure can no longer meet the needs of your customers or fulfill your current business model, it’s yet another positive sign that you’re doing something right – but you face an important decision. Are you ready to take that first step?

  1. Prepare a strategic plan that includes a variety of goals:
  • Financial targets: Defined milestones that determine if a business is on track for a growth forecast
  • Sales quotas: Benchmarks that aim to fulfill financial targets and provide the needed revenue for a growth strategy
  • Productions schedules: Planned timelines for achieving expectations and avoiding delays that impact other areas of a business
  • Planned improvements: Review, analyze, and allow for both process and product or service improvements to constantly strive to deliver excellence
  • Competitive market analysis: Maintaining a competitive edge within the industry or market

All of these elements – and more! – factor into a continued positive direction, and careful planning will help avoid a costly misstep.

  1. Establish realistic expectations
  • Office space:
    • Will you need office space, and how much will you need?
    • Should your business consider a virtual environment with remote teams?
    • The latter sounds like a great opportunity to save on real estate costs, but is it a practical solution for your needs?
  • Staffing:
    • How many team members will be required to successfully meet the needs of existing customers?
  • Timelines:
    • Not only are timelines an important factor for customers, in terms of deliverables, but internal timelines are a critical consideration and often overlooked. Not allowing enough time to deliver quality products or services shortchanges everyone involved, and doesn’t bode well.
  • Budget:
    • Expect the unexpected and allow for an “emergency fund” to have a financial cushion for those unplanned expenditures.
  • Technology
    • Do you have a complete grasp on the technology needed not just for today but for the future? If you find yourself with more questions than answers, you’re in the same position as countless modern professionals struggling to keep pace with technology and be proactive.
    • If you have devices that “crash” repeatedly or are often frozen or experience delays when trying to open programs, it may be time for an upgrade for existing devices.
  1. Choose the right partners

The best partnerships are those where both parties commit to a high level of communication, as well as a willingness to listen as well as advise. Consider your situation and what you need from a partnership:

  • Are you only looking for a one-time transaction or do you need ongoing support and maintenance?
  • Would you prefer a provider that has a full-scale service model, like a managed service provider?
  • Will only the most budget-conscious options meet your needs?

In many cases, the right partnerships offer a deep sense of trust and a chance to connect on more than just a vendor-customer level. Strategic partnerships give you the added benefit of being placed competitively for the next required action on your part – getting out the door faster, and offer a unique vantage point compared to your competitors.

Your Top Tech Partner

Alliance Technology Partners can service everything from those one-time purchase needs, like adding a few desktop workstations to a business, including small businesses or hospitals or schools, but also has an extensive team of experts on hand for a multitude of services, including:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Microsoft Office 365 migration
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Data back-ups
  • Cloud services
  • Strategic IT consulting
  • Computer support

Our strategic partnerships with a select group of vendors put our clients in prime market position, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Sophos, just to name a handful. Aligning with these vendors gives our clients access to the leading market providers, fulfilling our mission to give you the competitive edge.

Investing in your future doesn’t need to drain your time, energy, or budget. Contact Alliance Technology Partners to see how we can help you become more strategically placed for your success story with the best decisions for you.

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