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The Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Industry leaders believe the use of Cloud computing will only continue to grow, and it’s no wonder why. The benefits of Cloud computing are very compelling and the benefits are almost endless. We have put together these top five reasons that our unique Missouri cloud computing solutions can benefit your company:


1. Cloud computing offers a higher level of security that is out of reach for smaller businesses.

Instead of many companies maintaining individual IT systems, they pool together to utilize one system. This means that businesses who specialize in Cloud computing are able to purchase top of the line software to ensure that your data is safe from viruses and hackers. Previously only large businesses were able to afford this type of quality equipment, but with cloud computing, companies are bringing this to all businesses no matter the size.


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2. With cloud computing, your technology infrastructure will no longer be a burden to you.

In addition, you will reduce your in house expenses on purchasing hardware and software. By utilizing Cloud computing you will no longer be bogged down with the responsibility of maintaining these internally. This frees up a generous amount of time and money which will increase productivity.


3. Cloud computing allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

Well, anywhere that has the internet that is! This means you can bring your office with you as you travel. Most businesses see this as a priceless asset, as you can monitor your employees production without having to be present in the office. Businesses who choose to utilize e-mail applications through the cloud will be able to stay in better contact with their clients.


4. The amount of storage you get with cloud computing is nearly limitless.

Not only that, but it’s also no longer your burden to keep track of and manage. One major benefit to cloud computing is that is provides you exactly the amount of storage and power that you need, which is ideal for companies of all sizes. Many companies report that keeping up with IT demands in the office can be taxing. Luckily, with cloud computing the business owner is no longer responsible for maintenance.


5. Data backup and recovery with cloud computing is easier, keeping your files from being lost or destroyed.

Companies commonly experience a financial loss due to data that has been stored electronically and then lost. Using the cloud also guarantees that your data will not be destroyed by something in the environment. Your files and data will be kept safe from fires, moisture or water damage and natural disasters. In the event that your office experiences environmental damage, you can log in to your cloud account and be up and running in no time.

The advantages of Cloud computing are certainly compelling and companies who are slow to take advantage may miss out on opportunities for business growth, reduced costs and increased security. Contact Alliance today for a Missouri cloud computing solution that is sure to benefit your company.

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