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The Latest Sports Technology Available to Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports technology is not an area commonly thought of when we are talking about the latest high-tech innovations. However, technology is used a great deal in athletics, and now more is being developed to keep players safe and healthy. Sports injuries can be devastating by ending careers and causing lifetime damage to a player’s body. Here we discuss the latest technology available to help prevent sports injuries.

High-Tech Mouth Guards

A high-tech mouthguard called FITGuard has been created that uses sensors to let an athlete know if it may be time to take a break. The sensors alert the player when a serious but invisible injury has been suffered during a game, since most serious concussions happen without the player even knowing. When a devastating blow occurs, an LED light turns red, while a medium-degree impact lights up blue. The displays are bright enough for coaches to see them, along with other players, team doctors or parents. After the impact, data is analyzed and downloaded to an app to add more information about the impact for future reference.

High-Tech Helmets

Even wearing helmets, football players are still sustaining head injuries. The Shock Bonnet has been produced by a company called Xenith to give players more protection during the toughest games. The Shock bonnet does not use foam to protect from impacts. Instead, it employs shock absorbers that release air to help reduce the quick movement of the head during an impact. The technology is similar to that of car airbags, only inside of a helmet.

Computer-Based Sports Injury Prevention Programs

Kitman Labs, which is a sports technology company out of Ireland, has been working with baseball teams to develop a computer-based sports injury prevention program. An in-depth program has been specifically created for baseball players, which gathers data to help an athlete manage and prevent injuries. It uses information such as biometrics and other workload metrics to single out players who are more at risk of injury than others. A portable high-definition camera is used to capture the movement of players, then it connects up with a computer to generate results in real time. From there the data is run and analyzed so players and coaches can make changes to prevent injuries before they happen.


Sports Injury Prevention Apps 

Believe it or not, there are many apps out there designed to prevent sports injuries. For example, the Get Set Smart Trainer app. For use on iOS or Android, this app provides videos and clear directions on how to perform moves and exercises. It is loaded with 30 types of summer sports as well as injury prevention exercises targeting specific parts of the body such as the groin, shoulder and neck. Choose a sport related icon on the screen, then choose from three levels of exercises. Shop around and you can find apps specifically targeted at individual sports like golf, baseball, running, football and more. You’ll even finds apps developed for those in different branches of the military looking to stay injury-free.

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