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How Technology Is Changing The Way We Watch Sports

Whether you’re watching a game at a stadium or from the comfort of your own home, convenience and accessibility are crucial to the enjoyment of watching any sport.

With 2015 already in gear, there are a few tech trends looking to improve the way you watch your favorite teams in action.

Digitized Arenas

Imagine sitting in a stadium and looking up at the immense “Jumbotron” video board, and seeing a picture you took just moments ago. Or using your smartphone to order a gourmet burger and imported beer and then having it delivered directly to your seat. Sounds a bit far-fetched, right?

Well, some venues are now pushing to improve connectivity with fans by incorporating this kind of technology via smartphone apps, allowing for a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

Perks Of Connectivity

With the aid of new technology, “connected” stadiums are striving to engage old and new fans by providing them with an unforgettable experience.

Through stadium sponsored phone apps, some new arenas are offering fans the ability to upgrade their seats mid-game allowing them a better view and a more memorable experience. Seat costs are then discounted through each quarter of a game.

Fan Experience Board

The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX already offers one of the largest high-definition LED video displays in the world, and with the help of new technology, they’re looking to make a bigger impression with fans.

The stadium recently unveiled the 130 ft. LED “Fan Experience Board” which can be connected to by fans through an AT&T mobile app.

The app allows fans to take pictures at the game and then send and post photos to the board for everyone in the stadium to see.

In addition, at critical moments during the game, it will set your smartphone into a “Unite This House” mode which cause it to vibrate and flash in unison with all of the other connected fans within the arena, serving as a collective rallying device.

Overall, new stadiums and arenas are being designed with the changing demographic of younger tech-driven fans that enjoy connecting to the internet and uploading photos to social media during games.

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