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Switching IT Companies Is Easy With Alliance Technology Partners

Need to switch your IT company? Switching IT companies in easy with Alliance Tech Partners. Call us now to get a free service proposal.

Switching IT Companies Is Easy With Alliance Technology Partners

Thanks to our carefully developed and well-practiced process, you can switch from your old IT company to Alliance Technology Partners in less than a week, with no downtime – we’ll even waive the onboarding fee.

Are you hesitating to change IT companies because you don’t want to go through the process?

I don’t blame you. Switching IT companies can be time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive — if it’s not handled correctly.

The Alliance Technology Partners team knows about these problems in the process, which is why we make sure to eliminate them for our clients. Lead by our client success manager, we follow a step-by-step transition strategy to limit downtime interruption to the client’s work – we will do the same for you.

Switching IT Companies In St. Louis Is Easy!

The Alliance Technology Partners Process For Switching IT Companies

Our three-step process for transitioning your IT services can be completed in just three weeks, and results in no unnecessary downtime for you and your team:

  1. We Perform A Network Assessment: We start by taking stock of your current IT environment, to identify any components that need updating. We make any necessary changes (such as updating your firewall for cybersecurity purposes), but otherwise, maintain the environment you and your team are familiar with so that the transition is seamless.
  2. We Meet With Your Previous Provider: We touch base with your previous IT company to make sure we have everything we need to handle your support going forward.
  3. We Install The Necessary Support Software: We deploy remote agents and other software that will allow our team to support your IT around the clock.

It’s that simple.

For your long-term IT development, we’ll recommend and help you manage additional updates to your infrastructure as needed. However, for the purposes of the transition, we keep it simple so that it doesn’t interrupt your operations. We even waive our onboarding fee to help you keep costs low during the switch.

Switch IT Companies Risk-Free With Alliance Technology Partners

If you’re already thinking about switching IT companies, then you’re on the clock right now – you’ve recognized you need something better, and every day you hesitate to make the change, you’re accepting those problems as a part of your work life.

Don’t wait any longer – get in touch with our team to plan out your switch.

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