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Trucking Company Enlists Alliance Technology Partners For Sophos Ransomware Defense

In today’s business world, data security is more important than ever before. That’s why when Trucking Company decided they needed to upgrade their ransomware defense, they called on the experts at Alliance Technology Partners.

Trucking Company Enlists Alliance Technology Partners For Sophos Ransomware Defense

A local trucking company calls Alliance Technology Partners for Sophos ransomware defense. This move comes as the trucking industry is struggling to defend itself against ransomware attacks. We are very pleased to have been selected by the trucking company to provide them with our Sophos ransomware defense.

This is a great opportunity for us to show how our technology can help companies in the trucking industry protect themselves against these types of attacks.

The trucking company will be using our Sophos ransomware defense to protect their data and systems from being attacked by malicious software. This is a major win for us and we are looking forward to helping the trucking company protect their business.”

Did you know that trucking companies are common targets in ransomware attacks?

They’re high-value organizations that are infected with ransomware on a regular basis. They have abundant cash flow and a lot of credit, while often lacking the cybersecurity measures needed to fend off an attack.

Case in point: a local trucking company recently got in touch with us in the wake of a ransomware infection.

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This Trucking Company Needed To Defend Against Future Ransomware Attacks

This company had recently had one of its systems infected with ransomware. Fortunately, the damage caused by the attack was limited and hadn’t taken their entire business offline.

That said, they were well aware that cybercriminals often return to attack again, and so, they needed to be sure they could defend themselves.

One of the staff members at the trucking company had seen a recent video made by our very own Brian Ferrario about ransomware and the trucking industry. That’s when they decided to get in touch with Alliance Technology Partners.

This Trucking Company Wanted A Comprehensive Ransomware Defense

The staff at this trucking company knew they couldn’t afford to leave any vulnerabilities unaddressed and expect to stay secure going forward. They wanted a robust, modern cybersecurity defense that would keep them properly protected.

That’s why they enlisted our expertise. The Alliance team understands that a single layer of protection won’t cut it—we’ve been in the business long enough to know that a simple cybersecurity defense, like anti-virus alone, can soon lead to a data breach.

That’s why we take a multi-layered approach to our clients’ cybersecurity, backed by industry-leading Sophos solutions

We Deliver Expert Sophos-Based Cybersecurity Support

Alliance Technology Partners is a proud Sophos Gold Partner, a certification that allows us to offer best-in-class security solutions to the businesses we support and make it easy for those businesses to enjoy the full range of benefits that the next-gen security tools and endpoint protections that Sophos offers.

We showed this trucking company how a combination of three specific solutions designed by Sophos would achieve a robust cybersecurity posture to protect them from ransomware.


Sophos’ Endpoint Protection solution provides a managed approach to securing their systems’ endpoints, using deep learning technology to protect them from ransomware and other prevalent cybercrime threats.


Sophos’ Managed Threat Response services provide support from an expert team of threat hunters, employing a range of proven processes and using carefully implemented technologies to identify, address and eliminate cybersecurity events that could negatively impact their business’ information systems and data.


Sophos’ XG Firewalls perform an in-depth inspection of state and active directories, virtual private networks, and packet filtering.

They also come with additional features like active directory integration support, SSH, and SSL inspection, as well as malware reputation-based filtering. This solution allows them to neutralize threats, and isolate infected systems as need be.


The engineers at Sophos labs created all these solutions to work together.   Unlke other security solutions on the market, Sophos firewalls, networking, and endpoints communicate to minimize the impact of an attack.  If a PC gets infected on the network, the firewall immediately quarantines that PC on the network to prevent the malware from spreading to other systems.

Don’t Risk Your Business With Basic Cybersecurity

Do you expect a simple cybersecurity defense to actually protect you from the many cybercrime threats out there?

Neither do we—that’s why Alliance Technology Partners protects clients with a multi-layered cybersecurity defense by Sophos.  In addition, Alliance has Sophos certified engineers available to assist you during the implementation and ongoing management.

By partnering with a vendor like Sophos, we’re able to bring top-of-the-line products to organizations like this trucking company that is fully integrated and designed to simplify cybersecurity management.

Discover more about our Sophos-backed ransomware defense capabilities by setting a meeting with our team.

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