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Save Money with Virtualization

Everyone is moving to virtualization, and who blames them? Virtualization has been saving SMBs significant amounts of money over the past few years. Have you made the move yet? If not, here are some reasons that may motivate you and protect your wallet in the future.

Server Consolidation

Most servers are highly underutilized without virtualization. Rarely are they even at 50% utilization. Virtualization allows a server to have multiple instances on it, giving a company the ability to achieve the same amount of work over less physical servers. By reducing your server count, you’ve reduced your physical space requirement in your data center, giving you big savings.

Lower Power and Cooling Requirements

Now that you’ve decreased your server count, you’ve also decreased how much power and cooling requirements you need in your data center. These tend to be large expenditures, but when your server count drops by half, expect similar savings in power and cooling.

Increase in Productivity

Virtualization allows for simple recovery, and thus decreases downtime. By creating backups of your environments, crashes are as simple as reverting to a previous instance. Not only that, but virtual machines allow for quick setup time for new employees, as well as multiple environments on a single workstation, allowing employees to do more work with less effort.

Reduction in IT Management

Hardware repairs, patches, virus updates, configuration changes; sound familiar? Doing all these steps can take hours for one server. Multiply that by how many servers you have. Because you have reduced your server count, you’ve also reduced how much time you’re managing all that hardware.

Embrace the future! Virtualization is here to save you money, and we can help get you there. If you need help to get your virtualized environment up and running, drop us a line. We’re here to help!

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