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Save 25-75% off HP products with the HP Renew Program

HP has an outstanding new Renew Program that involves customers getting great deals, while helping the environment. Consumers will receive big discounts on up-to-date technology that has been refurbished by HP, and all come with original warranties. The items go through a refurbishment process that consists of nine-steps. Only products that have been through this system are allowed into the Renew Program, which can save customers between 25-75% off their purchases. HP ships to anywhere in the USA.

About the HP Renew Products

HP’s certified technicians have restored products to their original hardware specifications, which have come from duplicated or cancelled orders, returns from customers that were usually unopened or without issues, the demo pool and overstocks. This is an ideal plan for someone who wants current technology but is on a limited budget. You can be assured you’re getting the best, for less.

Certified HP Quality

Don’t be afraid of the Renew Program because the products are not brand-new off the shelf and may have been pre-owned for a short time. All items in the program are rigorously inspected so that they meet the highest standards that HP customers expect. They are tested and remanufactured in facilities owned by HP, with the same quality expectations as new products.

Complete HP Warranty

HP has complete faith in the quality and performance of their products in the Renew Program as they do in their new ones. Once they pass HP’s strict tests of excellence and reliability, the products are given the original, full warranty. This allows the customer to rest easy and know they are buying for less, but receiving just as much as you would by buying new. If you want even more, customers can supplement the warranty with extra support options and additional services for an extra cost.

Plenty of Choices

The Renew Program offers those interested plenty of options to choose from at discounted prices. You can pick from older generation devices that have been completely restored, as well as the most current technology. Business are able to start a new IT platform or upgrade an existing one with the available items in the program. Invest in HP Notebook laptops, desktops and minitowers, a number of servers including Proliant and Moonshot, and HP workstations to name a few. HP is confidant that the Renew Program has any product to fulfill your business needs. Ask about promotions going on at the time.

Go Green With Renew

The best part of this program aside from the low prices is the way it is helping the environment. By choosing refurbished technology, the amount of waste that prematurely sits in a landfill is cut down, and that the hardware is used to its top capacity before getting tossed. With these sustainable choices, HP is making a positive impact on the world.

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