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Remote Desktop Support vs. Onsite Support: What’s Better?

Thankfully, along came the concept of remote desktop support, and it changed everything for the better! Here’s what it does:

Once upon a time, businesses started relying less on pre-printed forms and more on computers upon which to do their work. Suddenly, the business world began to change: productivity went up, paper record storage went down, and everyone was happy. Then, computer issues began popping up: a bug here, a corrupted file there, a licensing issue here, a virus there. Something had to be done! Thus, the IT department was formed! They began fixing issues as they came up. But still, there was downtime! Workers had to wait as technicians were alerted to the issue, then wait as the issues were repaired, and if the issue happened outside business hours, there was a LOT of waiting to be done. Thankfully, along came the concept of remote desktop support, and everything changed for the better! Here’s what it does:

Remote Desktop Support Greatly Reduces Downtime.

If ever an issue springs up, chances are very good that your remote desktop support team knew about it before you did, thanks to their network monitoring efforts. They may already be working on the problem from their end while you’re making an inquiry. Plus, the lack of travel time makes for a much faster remedy, and gets you back up and running in no time. And if an issue springs up again, day or night, weekday or holiday, your remote team is always available to help!

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Remote Desktop Support Can Even Prevent Issues from Happening.

Remember that network monitoring we just mentioned? That same setup will notify your remote desktop support team likely before you even notice the issue. Their goal is to have any issues remedied before it even shows up on your end, which equals exactly zero minutes of downtime for you. In our opinion, that’s greatly preferable to waiting until something breaks and you have to wait for your IT department to be summoned to fix it.

Remote Desktop Support Typically Costs Much Less. 

As word of this wonderful remote desktop support began to spread, so did how much money business owners were saving on IT costs! Now, instead of having employees or contractors to pay wages, they now simply pay a monthly service fee to their new remote IT support team!  That’s right! For less money, businesses started getting better service, less down time, more coverage time, and less hassle during tax season. All was right with the business world, thanks to the wondrous, new gift of remote desktop support!

Let Alliance Technology Partners Give Your IT Story a Happy Ending.

If you’d like to join us in this happy tale, just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to evaluate your needs, customize a plan exclusively for your organization, and show you how we can save you time, money, and frustration. And you’ll live happily ever after. The End!

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