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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. From laptops to IP phones and wireless LANs, the assortment of technology available is rapidly expanding to meeting growing public needs. Technology is great – but what happens when your security is compromised? Malware, viruses, adware, bots, root kits, and Trojans can all potentially harm your business in a major way.

You need peace of mind. We’re here to help.

Here at Alliance Technology Partners,  we believe that information security should cover all aspects of your business concerns and are committed to delivering the highest quality security services to ensure that your digital information is kept safe. We can help your organization develop the proper policies and procedures to secure your physical and IT security. When it comes to securing your data, Network Access Control (NAC) is emerging as the solution. By checking endpoint security before network admission, NAC can keep applications available, safeguard company data, and ensure regulatory compliance – just what you expect from a security solution!

It’s . It’s effective. It’s everything you need.

NSA INFOSEC Assessments and Evaluations – Comprehensive methodologies created by National Security Agency and conducted by certified assessors Managed Security Solutions – 24x7x365 monitoring to alert when network intruders are detected Vulnerability Assessments – Regularly identify software weaknesses and track improvements
Policy and Procedure Development – The foundation of a successful security program Incident Response – Our incident response team is trained to handle denial of service, malicious code, unauthorized access, and inappropriate use incidents Penetration Testing – Identify critical information accessible to a contractor, employee, or malicious hacker
Security Training and Awareness – Raise interest, awareness, and communicate company policies Electronic Countermeasures – Discreet detection of electronic surveillance devices Security Testing – A full range of tests to validate security controls and verify regulatory compliance
Site Security Surveys – Assess and improve your facility’s physical security measures Counter Business Intelligence – Protect your company’s intellectual property and sensitive business negotiations from competitive intelligence/espionage operations