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Defend Against Phishing Attacks Across Your Business

Phishing attacks can lead to disaster for your business. Read about how your business can prevent cyberattacks with technology that can cripple your operations.

Blanket Approach to Cybersecurity Prevents Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks can lead to disaster for your business. Read about how your business can prevent cyberattacks with technology that can cripple your operations.

Every business today needs to defend against phishing attempts designed to trick users in ways that can hijack systems and steal data. Understanding the steps your business can take can prevent serious damage to your company, its reputation and its bottom line.

Phishing Attacks Defend St. Louis

What Is an Email Gateway?

Phishing attacks usually use email as an attack vector. Hackers create emails that seem legitimate, coming from company officials, partners or other leaders.

The emails urge users to click on an attached file or go to a website. In both cases, however, these actions can download malicious code that gives hackers access to systems and data.

To address the risks of a phishing attack, businesses need to consider email gateways as the first line of defense. Gateways sit in front of an organization’s email flow. Gateways examine incoming email traffic to look for suspicious content. If a message fails an established security test, it’s either discarded or sent to a quarantined queue to determine further action.

What Can Domain Name System Security Do to Prevent Phishing Attacks?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to assign names to websites and translate domain names to IP addresses, which are what devices access to connect to a site.

DNS filters prevent employees from accessing suspect websites. Filters use regularly updated blacklists of identified malicious websites and block access requests. These filters are also helpful as they block access to these sites if there is an attempt made as a result of an employee responding to a phishing email.

How Can We Inform Employees About Phishing?

One of the greatest defenses against phishing attacks is user education. Education is one o the most critical steps businesses can take to protect their information.

Education steps should include teaching employees how to recognize suspicious emails, what to do if they suspect an email as being a phishing attempt and how to be a more skeptical reader. Other tasks can include setting up fake phishing emails and sending them to all employees. Those employees that fail to detect the phony email should be required to complete remedial training.

How Can Our Company Get Support Stopping Phishing Attacks?

At Alliance Technology Partners, we help businesses with the Alliance Armada. The Armada solution provides IT services that protect your business against ransomware attacks, spyware, rootkit attacks, viruses, worms, trojans and other attacks.

The Armada arsenal focuses on education, detection, fortification and response, ensuring that your IT systems are protected and supported. Here are the advantages of using the Alliance Armada:

  • Round-the-clock network security protection
  • Access to certified expert security engineers
  • Compliance with all regulated security mandates
  • More production and efficiency

The Alliance Armada includes the following components:

  • A cyber boot camp to deliver comprehensive awareness training
  • Next-generation firewalls to provide endpoint security
  • Internal threat monitoring to detect suspicious activity
  • User testing to ensure compliance with cybersecurity policies
  • Continuous network monitoring 24/7
  • Advanced email filtering designed to stop zero-day viruses
  • Support to keep networks, hardware and software running
  • Business reviews to assess current cybersecurity measures
  • Cybersecurity briefings by company experts
  • Access management policy development, including secure password policies and privileged access protocols
  • Dark web monitoring to keep data secure

Alliance Technology Partners provides an array of other cybersecurity services, including:

  • Business continuity planning to ensure your company has the procedures and plans in place to minimize business disruptions during and after a natural or manmade disaster
  • Cloud services to host and protect your data and applications
  • Data backup solutions to ensure you have access to your information whenever it’s needed
  • Hosted software such as Microsoft Office 365 and voice over internet protocols (VoIP) that provide connectivity and productivity solutions in secure, cloud-based platforms

Learn more about how Alliance Technology Partners protects your business by contacting us today.

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