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Your IT Shouldn’t Keep You From Meeting Your Deadlines

A staff member at this family services agency encountered ongoing computer problems while trying to file a million-dollar grant application—that’s why they called Alliance Technology Partners for help.


This family services agency moves vulnerable children, and their families, in the direction of hope by delivering comprehensive therapeutic and educational services.

The Problem

One of the staff members at this agency was busy working on a large grant application, when they began encountering issues with their computer.  The machine would crash and reboot without warning, making it very difficult for this staff member to make progress on their application.

That’s why they got in touch with Alliance Technology Partners.

The Solution

Scott Fitzgerald, our Service Delivery Manager, oversaw this support process.  He followed up with this user directly to gather more information about the issue, and then begin working on a resolution.

Scott was careful to double-check when the user would be using their computer, as he did not want to cause further disruption to their workday by trying to fix the problem while they were using their system.  Once Scott understood the nature of the problem and what the user’s work schedule was, he got to work to fix the issue for good.

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How Alliance Technology Partners Solved This User’s Problems

Scott corresponded with the vendor for the software that was causing the issue and came up with a fix. He applied the solution outside of the user’s work hours to ensure it did not affect their productivity.

Once the solution was in place, Scott followed up to inquire about any further issues. The adoption agency staff member confirmed that they were not encountering issues anymore, and had successfully filed their grant application.

Alliance Technology Partners’ Support Won’t Get In Your Way

This is how the Alliance Technology Partners team manages the support process each and every day. We act quickly to gather information and determine a solution but are also careful to minimize any potential disruption to our clients so they can be as productive as possible.

Looking for a more effective IT support team? Talk to Alliance Technology Partners to get the help you need today.

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