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Find IT Experts in St. Louis to Configure Your Microsoft Teams Environment

Small and large companies in St. Louis and Grand Rapids turn to Alliance Technology Partners for all their Microsoft 365 needs.

Where Can You Find IT Experts in St. Louis to Configure Your Microsoft Teams Environment?

Small and large companies in St. Louis and Grand Rapids turn to Alliance Technology Partners for all their Microsoft 365 needs. Along with installing, monitoring and maintaining the software, we can help your company understand how new features can make your workplace more productive. Learn more about recent changes that make Microsoft Teams a more powerful collaboration tool than ever.

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What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Some people confuse it with a mere chat application. However, this powerful application enriches communication and collaboration. Microsoft Teams was designed for the modern office and can help you introduce productive work behaviors.

If email is the primary source of communication in your company today, the switch to Microsoft Teams might take some getting used to. Once you fully understand the features embedded in Microsoft Teams, you will find that it allows you to streamline approvals and communication and change the way you do business for the better.

How Does it Work?

As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams works well with both large and small groups. It allows you to have private chats to foster collaboration on documents such as spreadsheets and reports. By keeping a live copy of the document in the Teams environment, Microsoft eliminates the process of emailing documents back and forth. With Microsoft Teams, individuals can modify the document and make it immediately available to the rest of the group.

Discussions, questions and concerns are raised where everyone can see them. Of course, you can also have a side chat with someone to hash out details on a project or express concerns in private.

Say goodbye to confusing email trails that can take you down an endless rabbit hole. With Microsoft Teams, everyone stays in the loop because everyone sees the comments and updates at the same time.

Is Microsoft Teams Secure?

Yes, Microsoft Teams has team-wide and company-wide two-factor authentication protocols. It also utilizes single sign-on using the Active Directory for convenience. Microsoft Teams encrypts data at rest and during transmission. Compare that to email, which hackers often use to trick users into giving up valuable login credentials.

Can You Add Clients to Discussions in Teams?

Adding external partners lets you manage client relationships more closely. Include clients in conversations about performance metrics and other relevant topics. You can also have internal discussions when you need to talk with your team privately.

Can I Use Other Apps in Microsoft Teams?

Many other applications can integrate with Microsoft Teams. If you already subscribe to Microsoft 365, you could have Microsoft Teams in your suite of products already.

Previously, you had to share a screen to show other applications in Microsoft Teams. This could become a privacy issue and makes your notifications visible to those viewing the screen share session. As of July 2020, developers can extend the meetings to include other applications directly within the Teams environment.

Need Help Implementing Features in Microsoft Teams?

If you need help implementing the latest features for a more collaborative experience, Alliance Technology Partners can help. Microsoft 365 has tools that form the background of many businesses. Contact us first when you need an IT managed services partner to implement the entire suite of products or to upgrade your infrastructure to include the latest security patches and features. We have a proprietary migration protocol that moves emails and files in a new Microsoft 365 platform without business interruptions. As a full-service IT company in St. Louis, we can help your organization with cybersecurity, IT support and other IT needs.

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