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Current IT Department Need Backup?

Alliance Technology Partners provides IT services and IT support in St. Louis and Grand Rapids for organizations with internal IT departments who need help.

Does Your Current IT Department Need Backup?

Are you looking to supplement your internal IT team? Is your IT department in over their heads over an upcoming project? This article explores a simple solution.

While we understand it can be challenging to ask for help, it’s necessary to succeed. To achieve our goals, it’s essential to acknowledge our limitations. The same goes for your IT support. Comprehensive IT support needs a team effort. You need the right IT support for your business to stay progressive and ahead of the competition.

At Alliance Technology Partners, company representatives always ask us whether it’s time to outsource their IT services. Our answer? Only you can truthfully answer that question as you know your needs best.

As a trusted managed IT services provider (MSP), we realize that IT represents a considerable amount of capital and time investment. As such, you need useful information that will enable you to make the right call.

Alliance Technology Partners provides reliable business IT Services and Technology Management to businesses in St Louis and Grand Rapids. As a leading MSP, we feel obligated to educate business decision-makers in your situation to decide on an option that serves their interest.

We came up with this article so you can make a well-informed choice.

To help you make the right call, this article explores the benefits of backing up your in-house IT team with competent expertise.

So, What Are Managed IT Services? Managed IT Services are IT solutions provided by a managed IT services provider to reduce the in-house IT staff’s workload.

Internal IT Teams

What Are the Advantages of an In-House IT Team?

Some of the reasons businesses opt for an internal IT department include:

  • Control: A dedicated IT department allows you greater control over aspects such as:
    • Work quality
    • Task prioritization
    • Time

This means you can enjoy timely IT support that is in line with your preferred processes.

  • Availability: Because they are always within your offices, internal IT staff can respond to problems immediately.
  • Lower spending: While this may not be true for the most part, an internal IT department can be a cheaper alternative. Let’s consider a situation in which an unpredicted IT setback has come up. In-house IT staff would solve it without changing your monthly budget.

What Are the Drawbacks of Relying on In-House IT Support?

  • You Get Limited Technical Expertise: Although the tech world is vast, many internal IT departments are severely understaffed. What’s worse, many entry-level in-house IT staff lack key qualifications.  Alternatively, a reliable MSP provides well-staffed IT teams to their clients. Furthermore, because they have a diverse range of skill sets, they can handle all your needs.
  • You Have Limited Support: Internal IT guys generally work within typical business hours. This means your network is vulnerable to several risks for a long time.
  • You Sometimes End up Spending More: Capable IT professionals don’t come around cheap. Financing an in-house IT team could even be twice the cost of hiring an IT services provider.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring an MSP?

  • You Get Access to Latest IT Infrastructure: Outsourcing means you don’t have to purchase expensive large-scale hardware. Because IT services providers already have well-established IT infrastructure, the initial and running costs of such equipment pass to your IT services provider.  Taking advantage of your IT services provider’s robust IT infrastructure reduces your downtimes and improves productivity.
  • Allows You to Focus on Your Core Business: Allowing an IT services provider to handle some of your IT demands means you can focus more on running your business. Outsourcing to an IT services provider frees up your time so you can spend it on more crucial areas of your business.
  • You’ll Be Able to Save on Cost: This is arguably the main reason many businesses prefer to outsource some of their IT services. It is more convenient to budget for your IT with an IT services provider.  Compared to recruiting and training an IT department, outsourcing to an MSP is much cheaper. Furthermore, as your business expands, so will your IT demands.
  • You Have Access to Top IT Experts: Rather than relying on a few inexperienced IT staff, outsourcing to an MSP means you have qualified IT experts behind you. You’ll have access to an experienced team with the most recent industry-recognized qualifications attending to your organization’s IT needs.
  • You Get to Enjoy Proactive Support: A reliable IT services provider will provide timely solutions whenever a problem comes up, reducing downtimes. Apart from the timely response, a reliable MSP should come up with predictions of future IT issues. This type of devoted attention ensures your systems run smoothly.
  • Your Data Is More Secure: To safeguard your organization’s network against cyber risks, you need to work closely with a reliable IT services provider. That’s because MSPs have robust IT infrastructure, cutting edge technical know-how, and best practices. MSPs are, therefore, well placed to prevent any possible cyberattacks.

Greater network security also shields your staff from the dangers of cybercrime.

Asking for help can be uncomfortable at times. However, accepting our limitations is the key to success. As a leading MSP, Alliance Technology Partners endeavors to educate companies’ representatives to help them make the right choice for their businesses.

With years of experience providing reliable IT services to businesses throughout St. Louis and Grand Rapids, Alliance Technology Partners is ready to offer premier IT solutions. Whether you decide to completely outsource your IT support or have our experts help out your IT guys, we’ll help you meet your objectives.

Ready to Backup Your In-House Team and Grow Your Business?

Contact us now to get started. Our clients enjoy a wide array of premier IT services. That said, we realize that your business is unique and are ready to provide tailored solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs.

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