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Top IT Companies in St. Louis | 2019 Edition (Ratings/Reviews)

Who are the top IT companies in St. Louis? Alliance Tech Partners has put together a comprehensive list of the top IT companies in St. Louis.

Who Are The Top IT Companies in St. Louis?

In this guide, we looked at the top IT companies in St. Louis to evaluate them with regard to the industry sectors that they serve and their services. All the companies that made the cut for our evaluation provide excellent customer support. The differences between them are the types of businesses that they focus on and the services that they offer.

Many St. Louis businesses benefit from outsourcing their IT management to one of these companies. Outsourcing helps with business continuity planning, which keeps the IT system functioning without interruption. Another significant benefit of outsourcing is the ability to manage help desk requests more effectively.

The companies we investigated include:

  • ThrottleNet
  • Acropolis Technology Group
  • ATB Technologies
  • Anderson Technologies


The ThrottleNet company has been in business for nearly 20 years. It offers managed IT security and services for clients in the financial sector, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, the legal profession, and non-profit organizations. The company offers reliable IT solutions that exceed 99% uptime with the goal to have 99.999% uptime. This performance goal is with the IT system running full throttle, 24 hours per day, and 365 days per year with constant security monitoring.

They achieved this almost perfect uptime reliability for their clients by conducting proactive network optimization for performance. Routine maintenance tasks ran in the background. This helps uncover potential problems before they can cause a system-wide crash.

When it comes to IT equipment, ThrottleNet helps its clients improve productivity by purchasing equipment that supports a solid return on investment (ROI) strategy. Equipment purchases, which are made for clients, are a pass-through expense and not a profit center for the ThrottleNet company. In this way, clients know that equipment recommendations are not based on any undue influence or conflicts of interests in the purchasing decisions.

The ThrottleNet real-time dashboard allows the clients to see exactly what is happening with their IT system. At any time, clients can check the network status, see the network speed, and the scheduled maintenance. Other information available includes how long it takes for a service request to be resolved and all the open issues that are being addressed. In other words, clients get to clearly see everything that is happening on their network, while not having to do any of the IT support themselves.

Acropolis Technology Group

The Acropolis Technology Group started in 1996 when the Internet was booming. They helped their clients weather the storm of the technology “dot com” bubble burst that occurred in March 2001. At that time, the company was on such a strong financial footing that it purchased its own office building later that year during September 2001.

The company prides itself on being risk-averse and able to thrive even if challenged by worst-case scenarios. It helps clients with managed IT services, cloud services, and software development projects. The businesses it serves are small to mid-sized in the industry sectors of healthcare, law, and transportation logistics.

There are quite a few prominent law firms in the St. Louis metro area that give the company glowing testimonials. The managed IT services offered include a Sentinel IT security plan with full-time network monitoring. The company also offers a BackOffice plan with a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), and unlimited tech support for popular cloud-based software that includes Office 365, AWS, Azure, OneDrive, QuickBooks, and Salesforce.

Some companies choose a full-service Advanced plan with network monitoring and back-office services. This plan covers everything needed. It is billed as a pre-determined monthly fee, which makes IT budgeting easier. The Advanced plan is equivalent to having a full in-house IT department; however, it costs less than maintaining permanent in-house employees. The most comprehensive coverage is the Unlimited plan that includes everything from the other plans and also extends to include software development project support.

ATB Technologies

ATB Technologies, headquartered in St. Louis, started in 2002. They are a full-service IT firm that works with small to medium-sized businesses. Their services are comprehensive. They offer business data analysis and cloud services. Clients count on them for IT consulting, security, and support.

Business data analysis includes SharePoint, business intelligence, analytics, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Cloud services include cloud computing, hosting, infrastructure, data storage, and remote backups. IT consulting is based on a comprehensive network analysis and an IT systems review. This review identifies problems, offers suggestions for improvement, and helps create a strategic technology plan.

IT consulting is available for business continuity, computer hardware issues, device integration, email, help desk, mobility, network, storage, virtualization, and voice solutions.

IT security includes a disaster recovery plan, security policies, and staff training on security issues. It also guards the system with anti-spam, malware, and virus protection.

In the healthcare sector, HIPAA compliance is necessary for the storage and transmission of medical records.

This company’s goal is to offer modestly-sized organizations the same comprehensive IT services that are accessible as enterprise solutions for large corporations. Rather than offer one-size-fits-all packages, they consult with clients to custom design a program that fits the client’s needs exactly. They manage both IT infrastructure and IT technology. This includes managing the relationships with any third-party vendors that a company uses.

Anderson Technologies

Anderson Technologies has been helping clients in St. Louis for over 20 years. They offer managed IT services, system administration, custom software development, cloud computing services, cybersecurity, ransomware protection, hardware recommendations, software solutions, web design, and IT systems configuration.

They specialize in IT support for accountants, dental offices, financial services companies, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations. They are system architects for these sectors. They can design and install computer systems, monitor them, and perform regular maintenance that keeps everything up-to-date with installed upgrades. They are specialists in IT security. Through their managed IT services program, they take on the responsibility to keep the network, data, and technology assets of a company secure.

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Outsourcing to IT companies in St. Louis vs. Offshoring

For IT services, there is a big difference between outsourcing and offshoring. Offshoring sends tech support jobs to other countries, which is potentially risky and causes more U.S. unemployment. In comparison, outsourcing is a useful way to contract with a third-party company to access expertise and professional labor in cost-efficient ways. American companies are learning that for better risk management, the outsourcing company should be in America.

Even though it is possible to save money on labor costs when outsourcing is combined with offshoring, the possible benefits are severely challenged with significant disadvantages.

American companies and their customers do not like to share confidential information with offshore workers. There is the risk of serious data breaches and the potential loss of proprietary technology. This is why American companies like to work with the top IT companies in St. Louis.


The ThrottleNet company is a good choice for those that want to have the ability to monitor their IT system’s functions in real-time. The Acropolis Technology Group works with many law firms as clients and has prepackaged plans at four levels of complexity. ATB Technologies has the most comprehensive offerings that allow an IT management plan to be created as a customized solution. Anderson Consulting likes to work with small professional offices.

Any of the companies we investigated would be a satisfactory technology partner in St. Louis for managed IT services depending on the focus of the business, its size, and its needs.

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