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How to Win in Business like Stephen Curry Using IT Solutions

NBA All-star Stephen Curry uses a few things a business leader would use to win.

With only 3 seconds on the clock, NBA’s reigning MVP Stephen Curry dribbles up half court in an overtime game against the Oklahoma Thunder. Before the OKC defense can swarm him, he plants his feet and shoots 5 feet from the 3 point line. The OKC bench and fans looked stunned as the ball swishes in the hoop, as they realize their only hope to win is snatched away. As soon as the Warriors star point guard sees the ball in the hoop he runs toward a teammate to celebrate. With this impossible shot, Stephen won the game and set a record for the most 3 pointers in an NBA season. This may seem like a miracle shot but this was all combination of adaptation, calculated risk, and technology. These are all the qualities of being a great business leader who is not shy to use to IT solutions to win. Here’s how to win in business Stephen Curry style.

IT Solutions Allow You To Take Calculated Risk

No matter how far away or off balance Stephen’s shot is, he’s never taking an unnecessary risk. Sure, every attempt to score a basket is a risk. But when you practice the same shot 100 times a day, your risk of missing the shot and giving the ball back to the competition is minimized. The key to being fearless with taking risks in business is being prepared. It can be tricky in business to prepare for risks especially when it is the first time you come across a certain risk. Most people don’t think it’s too risky to start a business in a fire prone or active earthquake area. But with data backups and business continuity plans, you can still work and rack up your business wins if these disasters ever happen.

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Many casual basketball fans don’t know that Stephen’s record-breaking shot wasn’t always done over his head. In high school, he would flick his shot from his chest until his competition was big enough to block his shot. Dell Curry, his dad who happens to be one of the best shooters in the NBA at one point, helped Stephen to change his shot to shoot over his head. In sports, the greats have historically been the best adapters. Players who knew when it was time to switch up their game to contribute more efficiently to their team. In business, it’s crucial to change your game to be more competitive for the sake of your team and business. Competition in business is fierce. Competitors will be looking for every advantage to sell more customers than you and even take your current customers. It may take time, but it is important to find out what your competition is doing in sales and operations. In this way, you can adapt accordingly to stay competitive.

Using Technology To Win

Coaches and even competing NBA players say Stephen has quite an unusual way of practicing his ball handling skills. In one skill drill, he hits flashing lights on a wall while dribbling a ball in his other hand. This drill sharpens his focus and reflexes during a game. Technology should always be explored to see how they can bring you closer to your business goals. When you use technology like cloud services, you can focus more on your work instead of saving data.

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