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How You Can Help Others by Giving Back from Your Computer

In today’s modern day, it’s a lot easier to help our fellow man, thanks to technology. Here are a few examples.

Ever since the beginning of recorded history, there have always been those in need. Thankfully, there have also always been those who are willing to help. In this modern day, it’s a lot easier to help our fellow man, thanks to technology. Here are a few examples of how you can start giving back from the comfort of your desk.

Giving Back with Kickstarter.

Not too long ago, it was next to impossible to request donations or financial assistance for needs. If you had a great idea and a prototype, you had to make countless appointments with venture capitalists and give presentation after presentation. Now, thanks to Kickstarter, you can upload one presentation for the world – and with some effort, perseverance, and a little luck – funding can come much more quickly, and often more fruitfully.

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Giving Back with GoFundMe.

On a more serious note – terrible things happen. They just do. Nobody wants them, nobody expects them. We simply deal with them when they come along. But sometimes, it’s a lot to deal with. GoFundMe has enlisted the aid of the world to come together to start giving back to help those dealing with tougher times. Granted, there are some folks out there (*cough* *Kanye* *cough) who would use it in an attempt to correct poor financial decisions, or even just for greed. Luckily, those are in the minority to the more noble causes. Anyone with an Internet connection can contribute to any cause they wish on GoFundMe.

Giving Back with Indiegogo.

Yet another business-centric crowdfunding website, only this one revolves around creative submissions only. Artists: unite! If you have an idea or a creation that just absolutely must have $2,000 in order to skyrocket to the moon, jump aboard Indiegogo and plead your case. Hey, who knows! You may be the next . . . whatever . . . great person . . . who did something great in your genre.

Remember – ten years ago, none of these websites existed, and pleading one’s case for funding for whatever reason was ridiculously difficult. Now, thanks to modern technology, giving back to our fellow man is just a few clicks away. Give it a try. There’s a world of need out there just waiting for you.  

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