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Why Hackers Might Use an SQL Injection to Delete Your Data

As a rule, we like to consider our data safe and secure, free from alteration or deletion. But some people out there may have great motivation to do so, either partially or completely.

As a rule, we like to consider our data safe and secure, free from alteration or deletion. But some people out there may have significant motivation to do so, either partially or entirely. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why someone might utilize an SQL injection to modify or delete your data.

Your Data Might Reflect Something True They Want to Hide.

It’s possible your data could include some information about an individual or group that is unflattering to them, or could mean grave consequences if that data is revealed. It could show evidence of a crime, a bad history, poor performance, or any number of things they’d like to keep hidden. With a successfully executed SQL injection, a hacker – whether they are the person of interest themselves or a paid intermediary – can slip into your network and either modify or entirely delete that information. They may even decide to eliminate the entire database to cover their tracks. Instantly, they’re off the hook, and you’re left with a compromised network.

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Your Data Might Reflect Something False They Want to Show.

Sometimes, the information in databases can affect people or groups positively or negatively in both financial ways or their positions or status. Suppose you maintain financial accounts for people. Now suppose a hacker opens an account with your company and deposits $9.00 to create their account. Then, using SQL injection, they slither into your database, find their account, and add a few zeros to the amount in their account. Then they close their account, and you’re stuck sending them a check for $9,000. The fun abounds

SQL Injection Can Even Hold Your Data for Ransom.

Shame on you. You run a business and don’t have data backup recovery? Well, that’s a lecture for another article, but the point is that if you don’t have your data backed-up on a regular basis, clever computer criminals may well know it, too. So they chuckle as they use SQL injection to access your database, they copy the entire database, then delete every file you have. You return to work the next day to find your hard drives completely empty, and a nice little note from our good friend, Mr. Hacker, saying he’ll be more than happy to restore your data for you – for a hefty fee. (Imagine what that “fee” might be. Now imagine more. Now imagine more than that. Yeah, the ransom amount will probably be even higher still.) And amazingly, businesses pay these ransoms to quickly (and hopefully, completely) have their critical data returned to them so they can get back to work. They consider this a safer and more expedient solution to informing the authorities.

The Best Solution is to Prevent SQL Injection in the First Place.

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