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Eliminate Missing Crawler Information from Scanning Templates

When running a web vulnerability scan, you have to get a good crawl or you’re just wasting time.

When running a web vulnerability scan, you have to get a good crawl or you’re just wasting time. Plus, it’s always worrisome just to accept the automatic report you get back as comprehensive. You’re left wondering if anything was missed – and if anything was, it could amount to bad news down the road. To eliminate missing crawler information, try some of these tips:

Use AcuSensor

AcuSensor combines both black box and white box scanning, so you can see all your web application’s content as needed. Another bonus is that AcuSensor is specific to ASP .NET and PHP web applications, allowing you to get only the information you need. The more complete and specific you can make your web crawls, the more accurate they will be.

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Review the Site Structure with Development

Who knows web applications better than those who created them? The developers usually can see if your site structure is missing any content. They can also be very helpful in helping you to understand what inputs the application expects. This is greatly important, as incorrect inputs can mean stalling through form crawls and missing content. Acunetix DeepScan excels at parsing and understanding complex code, but developer input is still crucial in this process as DeepScan is not always able to understand the developer’s specific intentions.

Use the Sniffer for Manual Crawls

Once you’ve run the automatic crawl and collaborated with the developers, you can then easily combine the Sniffer results with the automated crawl. After merging your findings, you can create more ideal inputs; essentially training Acunetix to better supply inputs to your web application.

Help Eliminate Missing Crawler Information with Acunetix

By working in conjunction with the web applications’ developers, you can utilize Acunetix’s Sniffer and AcuSensor functions to produce much more helpful, comprehensive web crawls. No one likes to discover their vulnerability scans has missing crawler information, but with Acunetix, the fight has become a lot easier. Let’s talk about how Acunetix can help you.

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