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Digital Signage — An Example of IT Strategy to Drive Business

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Armada Delivers IT Services and Security to Your Business

Learn why your company needs an IT partner that delivers an Armada of strategic technical services, including the cloud, IT support and cybersecurity.  

Are you using all the IT tools at your disposal to get the most out of your business? For many companies, the answer is a definite, “No.”

That’s a shame because businesses that fully leverage their technology options are more likely to have more wins — customers, revenue, opportunity. It’s why your business should partner with a seasoned IT company that focuses on your success, acting as a virtual chief technology officer to help you strategize, plan and budget for transformative tech.

Digital Signage Solutions in St Louis

What Technologies Can Make a Difference for Our Business?

Today, we’re bombarded with breathless news about emerging technologies. Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, automation, robotics, blockchain and the Internet of Things have all entered the lexicon. These are critical technologies that are changing the way business is done and, in some cases, disrupting entire markets.

But often it’s the simplest technologies that can also change how businesses operate. Take, for example, business telephones. New solutions today allow for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone solutions that are more reliable, less expensive and provide more solutions for an increasingly mobile workforce. Hosted data and applications in the cloud provide security, access and scalability at a predictable monthly rate.

Even digital signage is an oft-overlooked opportunity. Think about how many screens you look at every day, at every turn. Does your business have video walls and digital messaging options that help customers catch a glimpse and be inspired to learn more?

Digital signage is much more than a television or computer monitor. To get the most out of your digital signage, you need a strategic partner to lead you to a solution that is worthy of your investment. It’s also an excellent example of how your IT partner should work with you to assess, understand and recommend.

How Do IT Firms Help With Strategy?

Your IT partner should be with you at each stage of your technological evolution. Let’s use the digital signage example to walk through the steps of your engagement with an IT company:

  • Assessment. Your IT partner should begin by assessing your existing IT infrastructure to determine if your network can support the desired digital signage strategy. These assessments can help determine what data sources are needed for messaging, whether your cabling is appropriately configured and if additional power is necessary
  • Space Considerations. While some technology is virtual and can be supported via hosted solutions, some, such as heavy digital displays, needs support from internal data centers and physical locations. Your IT consultant should be able to make those assessments and recommend solutions that meet your existing space
  • Design. Once your company selects a solution, your IT partner should help design the infrastructure, hardware, software and other equipment needed
  • Installation. Skilled technicians should install and optimize your solution, ensuring that all configurations, integrations and support components are in place
  • Maintenance and Support. How often have you shaken your head when a digital display shows an error message or is out of service. It’s a poor reflection of the host company. You need an IT solution that provides prompt, reliable service, whether remotely or onsite, to ensure that your solutions and employees are working

What St. Louis IT Company or Grand Rapids IT Company Provides Strategic Tech Services?

Alliance Technology Partners delivers more than IT strategy and support. We work to understand your business and its needs, assess your existing IT solution, and recommend, install and support new technologies. Armada is our customized solution that combines IT management with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. With Armada, your company gains a fleet of services, expertise and support, including:

  • A dedicated consultant to help you develop technical solutions that align with business priorities
  • A support team ready to assist users with software, hardware and network problems
  • Rigorous cybersecurity that includes employee awareness training, endpoint firewall security, internal threat monitoring, 24/7 network monitoring and support, cybersecurity briefings, business reviews, email filtering and secure password and access management
  • No long-term financial commitments
  • Simplified, monthly billing for all your technologies, including cloud subscriptions, support, VoIP and cybersecurity

With the Alliance Armada protecting and supporting your work, you can be secure knowing all of your technology is strategic, available and making an impact. To learn more about our Armada IT services, contact us today.

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