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How To Create A Call Flow In GoToConnect with the Dial Plan Editor

Modern businesses are relying more and more on cloud‑based communication platforms today.

How To Create A Call Flow In GoToConnect with the Dial Plan Editor

Modern businesses are relying more and more on cloud-based communication platforms today.

By placing phone calls over the cloud using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, and integrating video meetings, instant messaging, and other communication capabilities into a single environment, businesses gain greater connectivity, reduced costs, and more features.

One feature in particular that GoToConnect offers is the ability to create custom inbound call flows. Find out how it works in our latest video:

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How To Create An Inbound Call Flow

  • Click on Dial Plans on the left hand side of the PBX admin page.
  • Click Add Dial Plan
  • Create a name and extension number for your dial plan (i.e. extension 777 and ‘Incoming Calls’)
  • Check the Omit From Directory box.  This will remove it from the dial by name directory.
  • Click the check mark to create the dial plan
  • Click on the name of the dial plan to open the Dial Plan Editor
  • It’ll ask you if you want to start with a clean slate or choose a pre-made template.
  • Select the modules you want included in the Call Flow from the left-hand menu:
    • Standard Nodes: These are basic functions such as Simple Dial (connect the caller to a specific contact or group) without rolling to voicemail or Leave Voicemail without ringing the phone, dial an external number (like a cell phone), or call an extension or group and, if they don’t answer, route the caller to voicemail.
    • Utility Nodes: These modules allow you to customize the module further, by adding features such as a sound clip, password layer, insert a schedule (open, closed, etc), or modify caller ID to identify a caller based off of the reason they are calling (i.e. add SALES to the caller ID if they press ‘1’ for Sales).
    • Applicant Nodes: These nodes will connect the caller with specific applications, such as your Auto Attendant, Conference Room, or Directory.
  • Make sure to connect all the modules by holding down the mouse button on the circle in the first module and dragging a line to the next module.  All modules must be connected in the order of the desired call flow.
  • You can add subsequent modules to further develop the call flow (e.g., in the instance where a Simple Dial does not reach the intended contact, you can add a Voicemail nodule for the caller).

It’s that simple—GoToConnect offers a vast range of features to help your business communicate more effectively with clients, contacts, and anyone else that needs to get in touch.

If you’re not already using GoToConnect, you’re missing out…

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What GoToConnect Offers You

Lower Startup Costs

Perhaps the best reason to switch to a cloud-based Internet communications system like GoToConnect is the low start-up costs.

Unlike a traditional phone system, you don’t have to invest in a massive phone box, server and headsets, and phone models that were often locked into a particular provider. All you have to have for Internet phone service is Internet service and a VoIP-enabled phone or headset for each station.

Lowered Monthly Bills (And No Surprise Charges)

You won’t just save money on the initial costs when you switch to a cloud-based phone system.

Easy Collaboration

Another significant advantage to cloud-based phone service is the ability to connect and share data with other project members, no matter where they are located. Outside sales reps, employees who telecommute and home-office personnel can all easily be added to the same call.

Reduced Downtime

While traditional phone service is subject to power outages and is dependent on an obsolete and decaying infrastructure, GoToConnect is not tied to a physical location. That means you experience much less downtime than you would with a traditional phone service.

Imagine being able to continue to talk to customers, even during a power outage or storm. Plus, since you can use your system off-site, you can still take calls during extreme conditions, such as a hurricane or flood.

Automatic Upgrades

With a system like GoToConnect, you’ll always have access to the latest technology. Your system will be automatically updated as new technology becomes available.

You don’t have to invest in new hardware as you do when you upgrade your landline system. Plus, unlike older phone systems, cloud-based systems don’t have to be re-booted for an upgrade to be live—yet another way you’ll experience less downtime.

Scale Up Or Down

GoToConnect also accommodates your company’s growth and can be as flexible as you are.

Do you need five new lines to handle holiday phone traffic? Do you need to move phone lines from one location to another? Do you need to subtract an off-site line for a worker who no longer is with your company?

These types of moves can be handled in a matter of seconds, whereas landline phone companies would require a service call.

Streamline Your Communications

GoToMeeting can provide most, if not all of your telecommunications needs, from conference calls to video conferencing to having your voicemail messages sent to your email box. With GoToConnect, you don’t have to worry about contracting with a bunch of outside providers for these extra services.

Easily Accessible Phone Records

With GoToConnect, your phone records are always accessible online. You don’t have to worry about finding a paper record. This is especially important for businesses like law and accounting firms that bill back clients for time spent on the phone on their behalf.

Need Expert Assistance With GoToConnect?

Moving to and managing GoToConnect does not have to be a cumbersome and time-consuming challenge—especially with help from Alliance Technology Partners.

With GoToConnect you can get rid of the hassles of maintenance agreements, capital expenditure, truck rolls, and lengthy wait periods that outdated communication solutions come with.

We can negotiate an optimal GoToConnect deal for you, and even get you free phones when you sign up. That gets you an enterprise-grade phone system at no upfront cost.

Get in touch with our team to get started.

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