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Cost Saving Ideas for Your Business: Network Consolidation

Running a business can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs and free up resources. Here are a few you should know.

Running a business can prove to be very expensive. Fortunately, Alliance Technology Partners have some great cost saving ideas that could save your company big bucks and free up resources to put into other areas of your business. This blog focuses on how you can save your business money, and gain other useful benefits, by consolidating your network servers.

Cost Savings #1 – Consolidation

Anyone who has purchased physical hardware knows that doing so costs money. Server hardware, storage, network connections, and electricity can all together add up to a huge bill for your business. When you consolidate your network onto a virtual machine, you’ll have the ability to do more with less. You will no longer have the need to purchase, manage, maintain, and provide power to multiple machines. Fewer machines = less money.

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Cost Savings #2 – Scalability

You always need to plan ahead for your business to be prepared for the future. This can cause you to use more than you need – more hardware, more software, more resources. During your slower seasons, you’re still maintaining all that extra unused capacity. Consolidating your network lets you use what you need when you need it. You’ll be able to scale up during busy times, and shrink back down when everything slows down, without paying for all the extra.

Cost Savings #3 – Reliability

Reliability is the biggest money saver when it comes to your technology. Hardware failures, human errors, power outages – all of these things require costly break-fix repairs. Not only are you paying a premium to get your network back up and running, but you also have to pay the high costs of downtime. Virtual servers are contained in a software environment, making migrating to a different environment easy and practically eliminating downtime.

Cost Savings #4 – Agility

When you consolidate your network to a virtual environment, you gain unparalleled agility and flexibility. You’re able to rapidly create new servers from pre-configured images and reallocate your resources to increase your performance and stability. When you’re increasing your efficiency, you’re increasing your time and saving money.

Other Cost Saving Ideas from Alliance

Taking advantage of innovative technology from Alliance can help your company save money in other areas as well. Find out other cost saving ideas Alliance can provide for your business by giving them a call.

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