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Co-managed IT Services provided by Alliance Tech Partners provides a complete and fully outsourced team of tech experts.

Alliance Technology Partners Can Help Your In-House IT Team Through Co-Managed IT Services

Our Armada Co-Managed IT Services have been designed to support in-house IT teams to overcome a wide array of challenges.

Co Managed IT Services In St Louis

Alliance Technology Partners Can Help Your In-House IT Team Through Co-Managed IT Services

We are often asked, “I have an in-house IT person (or an in-house IT department), can Alliance Technology Partners still help us?

The answer is simple, yes, absolutely! Our Armada Co-managed IT services have been designed to support in-house IT teams to overcome a wide array of challenges. Some of the ways we help our clients with co-managed IT services include:

  • Cyber Security Expertise – Armada employs multiple, synchronized layers of security to protect against a wide array of threats. Our Managed threat response solutions provide 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response to ensure threats are mitigated. We also offer Cyber Security Boot Camp to train your employees on tactics cyber criminals use and how to protect against attacks. Armada also includes Dark web Monitoring in which we constantly monitor the Dark Web for compromised company credentials to provide you with a comprehensive level of data theft protection.
  • Help Desk Services – The Armada Help Desk offers Level 1 and 2 support available during business hours, after hours, or with 24×7 coverage, your users receive professional support from 200 certified Help Desk technicians as a natural extension of your team.
  • IT Advisory Services – Alliance Technology Partners offer IT consulting and advisory services to help you assess different technology strategies that will align with your business or process strategies.
  • Cloud Services – You can consolidate and simplify your cloud management processes through our Armada service. Armada allows you and your IT staff to manage all your cloud services in one, easy to use portal.
  • Microsoft Product Support – Be more collaborative, efficient, and productive with Microsoft products, such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Armada has developed a migration protocol to move your files and email to the new platform with little or no disruption to your production. We offer 24/7/365 technical support, different scalable plans that work best for your business, and 99.999% guaranteed uptime.
  • IT Projects – 90% of IT work is handling important, yet tedious, daily tasks. If you miss one step or one day, it could lead to downtime or cyber security vulnerability. Our Armada Co-Managed IT Services is an extension of your IT department. We can take on any task you need to off-load. We can do patch management, help desk, and other changes which will allow you to focus on higher value projects. We can also take on some of those high value projects for you.
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Remediation: Our network operation center (NOC) will monitor and proactively support your entire network. We can detect and resolve issues before they become problems to prevent down time..
  • IT Documentation Platform: Find, track and understand everything with a SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform. Features include Secure Password Management, Asset Tracking, Documentation Automation, Knowledge Base and SOPs, Mobile Accessibility, Domain & SSL tracking and more..
  • Best In Class IT Automation Platform: Leverage our best in class ticketing system to manage your help desk, projects, dispatch and track time. Extensive reporting allows you to track time and expense, as well as escalate issues to the Armada team any time you need help.
  • Cyber Security Boot Camp: As you probably know, the biggest cyber security risk to your network is people. Our Cyber Security Boot camp will show your users the tactics our enemies are using and how to protect themselves against an attack.
  • And so much more

Is Your In-House IT Department Stretched Thin?

In-house IT departments are being stretched super thin these days and for some of our clients, they simply cannot hire a full-time person to fill a vacant position. There is a high demand for IT professionals who have the experience and knowledge needed to keep up with new trends, new products, and new cyber security solutions. However, there are not enough professionals to keep up with the demand

This is where co-managed IT services might be a perfect fit for an organization like yours. Our experts are professionals who keep up on new trends, products, and solutions. We keep a close eye on all IT related advancements, and we strive to continue our education. Our team can fill in the demand of your IT staff needs.

Will Hiring Alliance Technology Partners Make Your IT Department Unnecessary?

One other question we get from in-house IT professionals and IT departments is, will hiring you to help with our IT make our IT department unnecessary, or will I lose my job by hiring you?

No way, not going to happen, we will never put you and your teams’ job in jeopardy. We work with your department. We are an extension of your IT department. As organizations grow and evolve, you may need to scale up your efforts. Rather than hiring more technicians, you can use co-managed IT on an as-needed basis. If you no longer need assistance, you can quickly scale back. You are never locked into a contract of one fixed rate. Co-managed IT services are easy to scale up or down.

One additional bonus, when we work with you and your IT department, you can access all the tools and services making it much easier to take care of your staff and all their technology needs. We are here to help you and your internal IT teams look like heroes. We’re more than happy to hang out in the background and let you take the glory.

You can augment your internal team with additional support from ours. Don’t bother overworking your internal IT staff with an inordinate workload or tasks that are beyond their capability. Discover more on how our Armada Co-managed IT Services will benefit your organization, call us toll free at (888) 891-8885 or send an email over to

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