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Choosing the Right Web Vulnerability Scanner

Choosing a web vulnerability scanner isn’t an easy tasks. There are many things to check for, such as ease of use, grey box testing, and much more.

Choosing the right web vulnerability scanner is important. With so many options out there, narrowing it down can be difficult. However, it’s important you find one that will do the job right. Not only should it help you understand vulnerabilities better, but it should also help troubleshoot and enhance your crawl. The Sniffer from Acunetix can do all of these in an effective and productive manner. Since 2005, Alliance Technology Partners has partnered up with Acunetix because we find them to be flexible, powerful, knowledgeable, and very skillful in what they do. They’ve consistently delivered updates to include the latest vulnerability scripts. They are also always enhancing their product’s ability to deliver even better results for emerging web development technologies.

What to Look For

In the blog linked below, Acunetix discusses what to look for when choosing a web vulnerability scanner. They provide a checklist of things that you should consider when choosing your web vulnerability scanner, such as ease of use, vulnerability variations, intelligent scanning, support for mobile-friendly web apps, grey box testing, and much more. Click here to read the full article.

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