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Check Out The 10 Best Tablets of 2018 (Ratings/Reviews)

They are the next best thing to hauling your laptop around to school and on flights, and they’ve become the weapon of choice for parents with fussy toddlers in public spaces. But while tablets have earned their accolades in recent years, that’s not to say choosing one to take home is an easy task. With endless options to select from, it will take some time and research to determine which tablet is best for your unique needs.

Top Tablets 2018

What constitutes a great tablet depends on several factors. Aside from function, things like versatility, user-friendliness, and affordability all play a role in how well a tablet is received by the masses. Versatility carries so much weight, in fact, that many of today’s top tablets come with keyboards to offer an experience similar to that of a desktop. These 2-in-1s are all the rage, and if you’re hoping to pick up a new one, you’ve got your fair share of picks. Here are some of our favorite tablets to help you navigate your options.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the most revered tablets to date, and the newest version spares no expense when it comes to cool features. Compatible with the new Apple Pencil, the tablet is easy on the eyes with a 9.7-inch Retina display and a small, but mighty A10 Fusion processor for all the power you could want in a tablet. Plus, Apple now carries plenty of options for immersive AR experiences, and at its most affordable price point yet, you can be sure this tablet is one to covet for business and entertainment alike.

HP Envy x2

HP’s Envy x2 model, hot off the heels of the debut of the Snapdragon 835 processor, allows for stronger performance and a load of other features. Fast-charging capabilities, optional LTE connectivity, and a 15-hour battery life are just a few things users have to look forward to in this tablet. From a digital pen to a sleek backlit keyboard, the Envy x2 is versatile and durable, and definitely not one to be looked over if a solid tablet is on your wish list.

Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Created in collaboration between Acer and Google, the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a 9.7-inch slate tablet perfectly fitting of its target K-12 education market. The first tablet to be powered by Chrome OS, it features a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution display, and a textured design for easy handling on-the-go. It also comes complete with an EMR stylus, which fits conveniently in its own slot. This tablet was definitely built for convenience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

With a 2048 x 1536 resolution AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is primed for immersive entertainment. Inside you’ll find a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 820 CPU and a sufficient 4GB of RAM. Its 600mAh battery is good for up to 12 hours of power, whether you’re hoping for gaming or Netflixing. It also comes with a bundle featuring the new S-Pen, which is ideal for creatives hoping to use this tablet for work. All in all, between its power and its potential, the Galaxy Tab S3 is among the best money can buy.

HP Chromebook x2

The HP Chromebook is heavy on both looks and performance. This 12.3-inch tablet is touted as the first detachable Chromebook and comes complete with a base hinge for keyboard attachment. It runs on Google’s Chrome OS and can download apps from Google’s Play Store. Aside from an impressive QHD display, it offers both front and rear facing cameras and includes the new HP Active Pen to make tasks like sketching that much easier.

Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1

This 2-in-1 is pricey, to be sure, but that’s not to say it isn’t worth the money if power is what you’re after. Weighing in at just 2.64 pounds, the tablet boasts an eighth-gen Intel Core i7 processor and a crisp, clear screen ideal for work or play. Gorilla Glass 4 for durability and an adjustable kickstand are just a couple of the perks you’ll find on this hybrid, and that’s not all. There is also an optional keyboard to make typing a breeze.

Lenovo Miix 630

The Lenovo Miix 630 has a unique advantage over its competitors. It can stay connected all day via LTE, which is enabled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It’s a fresh option for Windows devices, courtesy of a partnership between Qualcomm and Microsoft. And with this Snapdragon processor also comes an extended battery life, upwards of 20 hours. So if you happen to be looking for a tablet to replace your laptop for business, the Lenovo Miix 630 is a suitable option, indeed.

Surface Pro 4

Equal parts tablet and laptop, the Surface Pro 4 gets right a lot of what the original Surface Pro got wrong. Its 12.3-inch screen offers more than enough space for clear, crisp pictures, and its configuration capabilities are nothing to scoff at. From its dual cameras to its loudspeakers and extraordinary picture quality, the Surface Pro 4 is the best of both worlds.

Xplore XBOOK L10

One thing’s for sure: durability isn’t an issue with the Xplore XBOOK L10. Waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof for up to six feet, this tablet is one with plenty going on. It’s got a plethora of ports, including USB-C, USB-A, and Ethernet, with its powerful performance courtesy of an eighth-gen Intel Core i5/i7 processor. And with an ultra-bright display, there isn’t much this tablet can’t do.

Google Pixel C

The Google Pixel C, which many call a solid alternative to the Apple iPad, has a unique design that sees its optional Bluetooth keyboard double as the tablet’s cover. Its made from durable compact aluminum, and boasts a lightning fast performance plus a bold, bright screen bound to make your favorite games that much more enjoyable. If Android is what you’re after, this is simply one of the best.

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