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Armada - Cyber Secure IT Management

It’s time to deploy the Armada

To protect your organization against a cyber-attack, you need to deploy a full arsenal of proven technologies that provide several layers of protection. Cyber Security is not a product, it’s a process and a methodology that employs an arsenal of security solutions, implemented using best practices by highly experienced, cyber security specialists. In addition to locking down your network, it’s imperative to continually educate and test your employees on cyber threats, as 50% of all internet users will click on malicious links every year.  But one of the most overlooked functions of a robust Cyber Security plan is detection. No computer network on the planet is 100% secure. If your network is compromised, it is critical that you detect and respond ASAP. Armada employs several technologies to detect exploits at several different layers of the network. Armada is the most comprehensive, cost effective, Cyber Security and IT management solution for small business.

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ARMADA is the Most Comprehensive
Security Arsenal for Small Business:


Cyber Boot Camp Security Awareness Training


NextGen Endpoint Security Stops Ransomware in it’s tracks


Cyber Security User Testing


Internal Threat Monitoring Identify Suspicious Activity


24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Support


Cyber Security Briefing & Business Reviews


Advanced Email Filtering Stop Zero-Day Viruses


Secure Password and Privileged Access Management

Isn’t it Time You Evolved Your Network Security Strategy?

Cyber Threats are growing by the day.  Hackers are now targeting small business as they are the low hanging fruit.  Small businesses typically underestimate cyber threats and many are now paying the ultimate price.  Armada is a cost effective, cyber secure, IT Management service for small business.  Don’t be a victim, deploy the Armada!

The Benefits of Armada to Your Business Include:

  • Round-the-clock Network Protection
  • Access to Certified Security Engineers
  • A Distraction-Free Workplace
  • Meeting All Regulated Security Compliances
  • A more productive workforce


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How an Information Security Analyst Deals with Common Security Vulnerabilities

Attacks on a company’s network is largely motivated by financial gains, but those gains could come through the theft of intellectual property or even an attempt to blackmail and defame the company. Read our white paper on the important role a Managed Security Services provider such as Alliance Technology Partners plays in keeping your business secure.
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