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Alliance’s IT Relocation

Preparing for the Move

You have a new office and it’s time to move, but you have tons of critical hardware. Between sensitive equipment and priceless data, it takes planning, precision, and care to achieve a successful IT relocation. Let Alliance handle the job from start to finish. We will go through proper planning, data backup, de-installation, and reinstallation so you can focus on what’s truly important: running your business.

First Steps for a Successful IT Relocation

Alliance’s IT Relocation


We want to understand your current hardware inventory and needs. Planning is necessary to avoid the common pitfalls of moving your IT infrastructure. Network, communication, cellular signal, physical space, and schedules are all components to take into consideration.

Alliance’s IT Relocation

Data Backup

Avoid the loss of data during your move. We’ll backup all of your critical information securely during the transition. Without this, what would happen if you moved and a storage device failed or disappeared? It would mean disaster for your business.

Alliance’s IT Relocation


It isn’t as simple as pressing the power button! Understanding your architecture, proper shutdown, and tear down is necessary to ensure your system integrity and hardware integrity are intact.

Dispel Your Worries of the Move

We know your concerns. We also know how to alleviate them. IT relocation can be a huge burden to your company when doing it on your own. Focus on your business and let us focus on your hardware.
To learn more about our relocation service, feel free to download our relocation solution brief or contact us by filling out the form.

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More Information

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Simple Steps for IT Relocation

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Simple Steps For IT Relocation

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