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How Alliance’s HP Renew Program Can Help You Save Up to 75% on Technology

Are you looking to save money on the purchase of a computer or other technology? We don’t mean just a little bit, but a substantial savings? If you are, (and who isn’t) consider refurbished products through the HP Renew Program and save up to 75%. Enjoy this great savings and feel good about helping the environment by taking part in a recycling effort.

About the HP Renew Program and Warranty

HP offers a wide-ranging list of products that have been fully remanufactured. If you have doubts, not to worry, because you’re buying at a discount but getting the same quality that you would when paying full price. HP sells the items with their original warranties. If the customer is interested, they can supplement their warranties with added support options for an extra fee.

The HP Renew Refurbishing Process

In order to qualify, the merchandise must go through a specific and rigorous nine-step inspection process performed by HP. Once they pass through the process, the products will have been completely restored to their original hardware specifications by technicians that are fully certified by HP. The items come from orders that have been cancelled, duplicated, returned by customers, demos and overstocks. The customer returns are unopened or found with no trouble. HP will ship anywhere in the USA and are factory sealed, and a wide variety of products are offered.

Plenty to Choose From

Those interested in the Renew Program have plenty of options to select from at deep discounts of 25-75% off. It’s not only the older generations of equipment that Alliance is offering. Customers have a range of the most current technology at their disposal in this program. If you are a business and want to start a new IT platform or upgrade your current one, there are appropriate products available in the Renew Program. Products offered by Alliance for the Renew Program include but are not limited to:

  • Desktops: ProDesk 400, ProDesk 600, HP EliteDesk 800, All-In-One PCs and HP Thin Clients.
  • Notebooks: EliteBook models, ZBooks, ProBooks and Ultrabooks.
  • Workstation Line: Essential and Advanced Desktop PC’s, Complete line of HP Z models.
  • Servers: HP ProLiant Blade Servers, Tower Servers, Rack Servers.

Choose Renew and Go Green

On top of a stellar savings you will receive with Alliance’s Renew Program is the satisfaction that you’ve made a choice that will help the environment. When you opt for technology that has been refurbished, you’re doing your part to cut down on waste that sits in a landfill or has been continuously plaguing our precious oceans. Before the hardware is finally thrown away, it will have been used to its maximum capacity. Going Green has been on the rise for quite some time now, and HP is making great strides to join this effort with the Renew Program.

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