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Lock Down Business Web Applications with Acunetix

Acunetix is an IT security solutions provider that takes pride in the solutions they provide. Their solutions are trusted by countless businesses and organizations, including giants like NASA and the US Air Force and Navy.

Can Hackers Break Into Your Organizations’ Website?

We work with businesses all the time to develop, deploy, and manage strategic IT security solutions. More and more of our clients are investing in Acunetix solutions to mitigate security threats and keep their business web applications secure. We’re big fans of Acunetix’ approach to website security. Read on to learn about why we’re so proud to offer Acunetix implementation, management, and optimization support.

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Why Your Business Should Invest in Acunetix Security Solutions

Acunetix is an web application vulnerability scanner. Their solutions are trusted by countless businesses and organizations, including giants like NASA and the US Air Force and Navy. Acunetix has developed a unique and strategic suite of IT security solutions, designed to help business leaders mitigate threats, actively monitor applications, and test web security.

Here’s the most strategic IT security resources that Acunetix offers businesses:

  • Vulnerability Scanner

Designed to supplement the standard firewall, the Acunetix vulnerability scanner uses innovative technologies to scan your business web applications for security risks. The vulnerability scanner works at a rapid-fire speed to scan thousands of web pages and efficiently identify security gaps.

  • Penetration Testing Software

In today’s cybersecurity climate, things are unpredictable and change at a rapid pace. That’s why your approach to business IT security needs to be proactive and deliberate. This sometimes means putting yourself in the shoes of hackers and testing your system for weak spots. Acunetix offers strategic and enterprise-grade penetration testing software that’s easy to use and includes dynamic issue tracking and reporting tools.

  • Web Application Security

More and more businesses are using online, Cloud-based business apps to get work done and communicate with team members and clients. Acunetix offers dynamic web application security tools that help business professionals protect against known app vulnerabilities, defend the entire attack surface, and get actionable security insights about application security gaps.

  • Network Security Scanner

Acunetix knows that thorough business IT security requires full-parameter security monitoring and management. That’s why they offer a dynamic OpenVAS scanner that is designed to provide comprehensive network security scans that integrate seamlessly with web security tools. The Acunetix network security scanner helps business leaders test for network vulnerabilities, detect network security misconfigurations, and more.

  • Acunetix 360 – End-to-End Enterprise Web Security

In today’s day and age, basic vulnerability scanning or penetration testing are sometimes not adequate security solutions on their own – especially for growing enterprises. Acunetix has responded by developing a full-coverage approach to enterprise web security. Acunetix 360 combines all the dynamic web security features that business professionals need, including continuous protection of all web assets, efficient tracking and patching of vulnerabilities, and proactive issue mitigation.

Strategic Acunetix Implementation & Finding a Reliable Acunetix Support Partner

As most business leaders would probably agree, it’s one thing to hear about how great security solutions are but it’s an entirely different story to implement and manage them. Acunetix solutions must be implemented and managed strategically in order for business leaders to take advantage of their maximum potential. Your team needs to be trained and your business leadership team might need strategic consultation.

That’s why we recommend partnering with a strategic and reliable team of IT security experts to help your business optimize Acunetix deployment and ongoing management. When you have the right team of IT professionals in your corner, you can rest assured that your Acunetix solutions will be positioned properly and optimized on an ongoing basis. Don’t just partner with anyone though – be sure to invest in a support provider that is experienced with Acunetix solutions.

Above all, here’s what a reliable Acunetix support partner should offer:

  • Thorough and customized training

The team of Acunetix experts you invest in should be ready and willing to offer you and your team in-depth training. This training should be customized and as comprehensive as possible. Training should be designed to help your team learn the ins and outs of each Acunetix solution you deploy. The training should also facilitate a dynamic flow between development and security projects to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Strategic and ongoing consultation

You need to be sure that the provider you turn to for Acunetix support has the experience and expertise necessary to answer your questions and provide strategic consultation. The right provider will be committed to offering you customized Acunetix consultation and address your business-or-industry-specific questions and concerns. Above all, the right provider will make sure none of your questions go unanswered.

  • Streamlined support

The best thing about working with an Acunetix support partner is that your entire support experience is streamlined. If you encounter any Acunetix issues, the right partner can expedite the resolution process by getting in contact with Acunetix headquarters on your behalf. A reliable Acunetix support partner will ensure all issues are taken care of swiftly and that they handle the process from start to finish.

If your business is looking for an Acunetix support partner that provides all the dynamic services we’ve just mentioned, why not start your search by getting in touch with the team of web security engineers from Alliance Technology Partners. We are certified Acunetix partners and distributors. Each member of our team is committed helping businesses like yours optimize Acunetix deployment from start to finish. We’ll consult with you about which Acunetix solutions are best, provide detailed info on pricing options, and offer customized training to help you boost productivity and apply best practices.

If you’re ready for a new approach to business web security, reach out to our team of IT professionals to learn more about Acunetix. We’ll help you understand exactly how Acunetix solutions can help secure your business network and we’ll explain how we’ll support you in making that happen. Reach Alliance Technology Partners anytime at (888) 891-8885 or via email at

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