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4 Common Myths Regarding Online Security

There are many myths regarding online security. While it is critical that you have a security system in place for your network, there is a lot of false information floating around about them and how they work. These myths didn’t necessarily start from one place, but instead have been formed by word of mouth, lack of information, generalizations and assumptions. It is important to know the truth so you are not complacent in your security habits at work or home. Below we discuss 4 common myths regarding online security so that you do not become a victim of an online attack.

Myth #1: Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software Are 100% Effective


Truth: Firewalls and anti-virus software are both important components for protecting your data. Unfortunately, neither one of these features can guarantee 100% protection from a cyber-attack. Firewalls can also be misconfigured by accident, resulting in vulnerabilities. Combining these two items and adopting good security habits is the best line of defense. Performing routine tests for vulnerabilities is the only way to be sure your network is completely secure.


Myth #2: You’re Safer on a Mobile Device Than on a Computer


Truth: There are more security safeguards offered on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops. However, some conventional safeguards for computers like URL previewing and masked passwords do not apply to mobile devices. This can leave you just as vulnerable on your mobile device as on a computer.


Myth #3: Hackers Only Attack People Who Are Wealthy


Truth: You don’t have to have lots of money to be targeted by a hacker. Anyone can become an identity theft victim. Hackers seek out the largest payoff for the least amount of work. This means they generally target databases that house information about a lot of people (remember Target and Home Depot?). If your information is in the database it can be collected and used for criminal intent. This is why everyone, no matter how much money you have, must always keep a close eye on their credit card statement so you can minimize any possible damage.


Myth #4: You Know What is Running on Your Computer, so You Know it is Secure


Truth: When IT companies scan networks, a very low percentage receive a perfect score. This means there is a very high percentage of businesses that have one or more potential security threats or vulnerabilities that hackers could take advantage of. Threats may be anywhere from your firewall, software, operating system or any other system running on your network or computer. It is important to get a vulnerability assessment report and an idea of how your network’s security compares to others.


Don’t let these myths scare you! Contact us and we can help you with all your online security needs so you can continue to operate without any problems.

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