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3 Benefits of AllianceVault

Your company has just experienced a power outage, a natural disaster, malicious
activity, or a fire. What do you do next?

Like many business owners, you probably callthe insurance company, the authorities, and/or the power company to begin the process

of restoring and recovering from the loss. What happened to your data? It is not a
physical, tangible object in the office, but it is probably one of the most valuable things
your company possesses. How do you get it back? Do you even know how?

Alliance has the answer: AllianceVault!
1. No one is excluded
You would be assuming a costly and aggravating feat if you decided to replace
everyone’s devices so that they are compatible with a specific service or software
program. Because we live in the real world, you know that replacing devices and
completing a system overhaul is expensive, initially and in the future. Once you
complete an overhaul haul, you have to maintain a specific service and/or
continue to update to comply with system-specific requirements. It is possible to
keep everyone in touch without having to buy any new equipment, as we know
people love their devices and their own operating systems. AllianceVault does
not require any software, server or device changes, as it can backup and store
data from all of them. AllianceVault accommodates different servers, devices,
laptops and desktops.
2. Pricing is competitive, predictable and suited for your needs
An appealing feature of AllianceValt is its affordability and custom-fit design.
Users can choose a backup cloud system that accommodates the specific size
and needs of the business. A representative can assist business owners in
designing the ideal package to fit into the company’s business model and budget.
No initial start-up payments are required, and the consistent and reliable monthly
subscription costs make AllianceVault an attractive medium for budget-conscious
business owners.
3. Access is instantaneous
Not everyone can be in the office at the same time and working from the same
device. Sales, meetings and interactions have been taken out of the office and
now travel the roads and overseas, go out to lunch, meet in clients’ homes, and
have to set up remotely when disaster strikes. Business owners and employees
are working all over the place. Businesses that choose a product such as
AllianceVault can rest assured knowing everything is stored in a safe and secure
location. Instant, remote access aids in continuity and is part of an effective
disaster recovery plan. Once everything is backed up, users can look at far back
as they need to, without 30-day limitations.

..Interested? We’ve love to chat with you about how our services can help your company succeed!

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