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2 Ways Coaching a Football Team is Like Running a Business

As a business owner, you often find yourself wearing many hats. It’s your job to come up with the plan, build the framework, find the talent and execute your strategy. Not only that, but you are also in charge of recognizing each employees strong points and utilizing their strengths. Running a business is largely similar to coaching a football team.

Know Your Competition, Conquer and Prosper

A football coach is constantly working out strategies each time he faces a new team. He does this season after season, hoping that his team comes out on top. As a business owner it’s your job to come up with the game plan as well. Instead, your face the other competitors in your line of business. Like in football, you have to know them to best them.
Like a coach, you should be your employees biggest support. They expect you to know what is best for the company so that you can be their leader. In football, its hard being the underdog – this applies to business as well! It’s always harder to be on the team which doesn’t have a good history of winning. By showing your staff that you are in control and can lead effectively, they are likely to remain loyal and work harder for you.

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Developing Strong Leadership is Paramount

From day to day your company experiences a variety stress and hardship. Unexpected surprises pop up constantly and it’s your job to deal with them in stride. A football coach is expected to excel under pressure. When players make mistakes or are bombarded by the opposing team, the coach must have a clear vision.
Being an individual support is just as important as being a strong team leader. Much like in football, your employees need to be able to connect with you. Communication is paramount for a business to succeed. Not only that, but you need communication to run smoothly between employees. How well would a football team do if the players didn’t communicate well on the field? Just like in sports, your staff may not really like each other – but a good leader knows how to encourage effective communication.
Take some time to consider: If your company was instead a football team, how would your season be looking? Would you be on top running your business, or would you be the team struggling to get a win? It’s your job to lead your company to success!

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