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Authenticated Network Security Scan

Further Secure Your Business With an Authenticated Network Security Scan

An Authenticated Network Scan Reveals Your Greatest Weaknesses

There are two types of network security scan methods that can yield completely different results. An unauthenticated network security scan is easier to perform, requires fewer testing tools or internal staff resources – but it doesn’t provide you with as much detailed information about the more serious security risks your business faces.

An Authenticated Network Security Scan Can:


Provide more detailed information about the most serious security threats


Identify missing patches, weak share permissions, and misconfigurations


Help maintain regulatory and PCI compliance, and business requirements


Provide a true picture of where your network security stands

Don’t Allow Your Business To Remain Vulnerable

It can seem daunting to rise to the occasion and tackle every single security vulnerability you technology network has, but you are not alone – and that is where Alliance Technology Partners comes in. Allowing us to work with you to get your network security in tip-top shape will benefit your company in the long run.

Long-term benefits of an Authenticated Network Security Scan include:

  • Finding your weak points and fixing them
  • Preventing malicious hackers from gaining access
  •  Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Providing peace of mind that your business is completely secure

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