Intelligent LEADS - Features

Event to event

Quality leads resulting in sales are the measure of an event’s success. This lead management tool allows you to report, manage and cross compare leads from multiple events. Not only will you be able to determine your most valuable leads, but also determine your most profitable shows and consistently measure the success of each event, ultimately increasing your revenue & sales.


It’s the quality of leads that drives revenue over quantity. Intelligent LEADS provides the ability to determine your most quantified leads with lead priority designation and customizable lead qualification surveys that include branching logic. These key features help exhibitors qualify leads and follow up more efficiently depending upon the respondents’ answers.

cloud syncing

Capturing leads has never been easier! With Intelligent LEADS, you have the ability to capture valuable data on each lead via a customizable survey with branching logic. Your leads are immediately synced to the cloud allowing you quicker access for follow-up.

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Real time cloud syncing

Send e-literature
to prospects in

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Business Card
with Automatic

Your booth staff members can simply capture a prospects business card, complete the qualification survey on the tablet, sync the leads to the cloud and then receive the collected leads back in an electronic file.

* Most efficient for smaller shows without scannable badges.

Utilize voice
to easily add

different event
badge types

Whether your next event utilizes a 1D, 2D, QR Code, Magstripe, or PVC badge, Intelligent LEADS can support it. Leads are the most visible indicators of your success at events and we understand how frustrating it can be to use a new lead retrieval device at every show. Because Intelligent LEADS can handle nearly every badge type it can be consistently utilized at all of your events. We handle the set-up so you can focus on your event.

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Turnkey or App Store

You place the order, we handle the rest! Ordering your lead retrieval unit is quick and simple. You can download Intelligent LEADS free, from the App Store, directly to your own iPad or order our turnkey solution online. Your lead retrieval device is shipped straight to your hotel or event site. All devices are preloaded with your customized qualification questions and pre programmed for your event’s badge type.

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