Intelligent LEADS Lite - Features

card capture

Your staff members can simply capture a prospect’s business card, complete a qualification survey on the tablet, sync the leads to the cloud and then receive the collected transcribed leads back in an electronic file.

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* Most efficient for smaller events without badges

Lead qualification

It’s the quality of leads that drives revenue over quantity. Intelligent LEADS with business card transcription provides the ability to capture contacts and determine lead priority with a customizable lead qualification survey. These key features help marketers qualify leads and follow up more efficiently depending on the respondents’ answers.

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Cloud syncing

Your leads are synced to the cloud and relevant contact information is provided back on the device for easy access and follow up.

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Real time cloud syncing

Human transcription

Following business card image capture, you can easily sync leads to the cloud for human transcription.

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Once transcription is complete, you will receive a notification advising that the lead is synced on the device.

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Event to event reporting

Quality leads resulting in sales are the measure of an event’s success. Our lead management solution allows you to report, manage and cross compare leads from multiple events. Not only will you be able to determine your most valuable leads, but also determine your most profitable shows and consistently measure the success of each event, ultimately increasing revenue & sales.

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Integrates with CRM and marketing automation tools.

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