Intelligent REGISTRATION - Features

Agenda Builder

Attendees can create a personalized agenda, view event mail, message other attendees, schedule meetings and more, before, during and after the event. Attendees also have the ability to find other attendees with similar interests.

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Social Media

Intelligent REGISTRATION integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more than 30 other social media sites allowing attendees to easily follow, share and engage with your content and event. Social media increases event attendance by engaging your audience through increased conversation, content and networking, before your event begins. It also makes it easier to view trending topics amongst your attendees in order to learn more about their interests and empowers your attendees to determine how they want to connect with your event.


Check-in &

We’ve made check-in and badging simple! QR codes can be generated and sent to your attendees pre event. Attendees scan the QR code at the event in order to automatically print their badge on the fly allowing attendees an easy self check-in process.

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We provide seamless integration with your preferred CRM or marketing automation solution. Records can be updated from within Intelligent REGISTRATION or directly from your CRM giving you complete control of attendee event interactions and contact data.

Email campaigns &

Invitations makes targeting your attendees and messages easy so you can send personalized batch emails with minimal time and effort. Emails can be branded and details such as recipient name, unique password and event web address can be added automatically. The response rate to each invitation campaign can be monitored to manage and measure its success.

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Your payment system can be as simple or advanced as needed. Set prices and discounts for registration with any combination of multiple options and time limited offers. Payments can be made using multiple currencies including check, bank transfer, invoice, or credit card. Intelligent REGISTRATION integrates with major credit card gateways. Reports can be created in seconds that allow you to monitor progress.


Create your own database of hotels, room types, room rates, etc. to accommodate your attendees and make traveling less stressful. During registration, attendees can select a hotel, choose their arrival and departure dates, room type, and number of rooms required. Attendees will only see hotels with available rooms to prevent overbooking. Payments can be made online or by invoice.


To fully understand and control your events, you need to monitor and analyze the data generated. Intelligent REGISTRATION can integrate all the major areas of your event such as attendees, bookings, purchases, invoices, payments, etc. For greater data analysis, more complex reports can be generated utilizing dynamic reporting tools to create a wide range of report profiles. Reports are generated in real time providing an instant overview of your event registration.

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